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Curretnly i use in the morning

1. gentle purpose cleanser

2. murad hydrating toner

3. aloe vera gel to moisturize

and at night i use

1. Gentle purpose cleanser

2. Alpha Hydroxy Souffle 12 percent

3. Aloe vera gel to moisturize.

When i go out, i use some Dermablend cover creme makeup or a concealer because I have a ton of brown, red marks. Back in August of 06, i broke out in this one spot in my cheek where this pimple grew looking like a mold. After a few weeks, it finally got ripped apart but that big spot left after the big pimple was there, has been there for like 6 months. If you look at me, it looks like a pimple but it isn't because it's just a mark. Also, i have a ton of other marks all around my cheeks both sides.

It seems that I have these marks like forever now. I am Asian. I had a chemical peel about 1.5 months ago for like 190 dollars but that doesn't seem like it helped. Is there anything wrong with my regimen? I know the purpose cleanser is good and i use the aha souffle b/c i heard it helps with hyperpigmentation, and red marks. I use to use olay moisturizer spf 15 for sensitive skin but i stopped it b/c it left my face really white and caused me to sneeze. I use aloe vera gel because i hear ppl say it does help. Should i use hydroquinion?

As for eating, I do take zinc supplement and eat moderately healthy. I have not ate pizza for like a year. I use to use BP a lot which is why I have so many of these brown red marks now and lesser pimples. Is there any supplements that help with red brown marks? I don't feel like my marks are never going to fade. A dermatogolist prescibed me a Benzaymin gel but i didn't use it because it has BP and i kjnow bp makes brown/red marks take longer to heal.

Anyone can give me suggestions? i thought the chemical peel would have solved my problme.

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