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Alright, my skin isn't horribly bad, it just recently broke out about 4 months ago, and before that it was nearly perfect, *Tear*.....but i'm dealing with it in a very obsessive way.....sad but true.....I went to the dermatoloogist and she told me that i was using way to many products on my face....i was using:

1. dove soap

2. Nivea toner

3. olay sensitive skin moisturizer

4. neutrogena sensitive skin sunblock 30

yes alot i know. But my skin is not oily, and I would never think of not using any moisturizer at all.....so she told me to stop using all products and to use medicated a perscription wash and drying acne products under my makeup and at night.....EWH!!!

i hate it, i think i cried for a whole day......i hate the feeling of dry skin especially in the winter!!! so i made a slight compromise, i'm using the medicated wash morning and night, and in the morning i'm using my toner and olay, and at night no lotion at all and the acen gel she perscribed..........

I've just found out about Alpha hydrox products, and i ordered the foaming face wash and the souffle......should i use these two products in the day and what she perscribed at night.......or just stick to her regimen, she said i only have to do her regimen for two months and then i can use as much lotion as i want but i want my skin back to normal now......please some advice.......and i apologize for the novel this is my first post and i wanted to get it all out!!!

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I use the 12 souffle and will probably experience an initial outbreak while it purges your pores.

Now, I've stopped using the AHA and I use Paula's choice BHA which in my opinion is 10x better at learning out my pores.

I am stull using the AHA hydrating face wash and I love it but I'm going to stop soon because I'm trying to use products that have no aminal testing.

I think I'll be using Paula's Choice face wash to replace the AH. I would wash my face with the AH face wash in the am and then apply the souffle after I washed so yes you can do them in the same day. I have very dry skin and the souffle was a little drying but nothing Complex 15 couldn't take care of.

This is what my routine looks like now:


-wash with alpha hydrox hydrating cleanser (I'm switching to Paula's Choice because they do NO animal testing

-apply Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion

- take an Aleve if I'm ovulating within a week

During the Day

-drink 7 cups of tea. Green tea/Honeybush tea/Yogi Hormonal Balance tea


-wash with Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub - it's very gentle so I use it daily (i'm also wanting to stop because of the animal testing so i'm looking at other products)

- apply Paula's Choice 2% BHA wait 30 minutes then apply Mandalic Acid (MaMa) or Green Cream (alternating nights)

- take an Aleve if I'm ovulating within a week

- take 1/2 teaspoon Borage oil

- 3,600mg of letichin

The moisturizer I swear by is Complex 15 found at www.drugstore.com

I really think you'll like the souffle but be patient..it takes time. Good luck. :)

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