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cool as kim deal

I think AHA use can be upped just like with BP for great results

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These past couple of weeks I decided, for no particular reason, to go from using maybe 3 or 4 pumps of Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion at night to more like 8 pumps. Granted, it takes a longer time to rub the lotion into my skin and it stings a lot more for longer after applying it, but wow, my skin has just looked amazing for the past few days! I had a small breakout around my mouth a few weeks ago that I think is a combination of random breakoutness and perhaps some irritation from the scarves I wear around my face when it's cold, mostly just small colorless pimples though some were pinkish, all fairly small compared to my old acne though. Anyway, the AHA has definitely sent a lot of those lingering colorless clogged pores (you know, those kind that stay there forever) packing while the BP took care of the more inflamed ones. My skin has been really glowy-looking, even after I've had a bit of powder on it all day and been trekking back and forth in negative temperatures. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep this up or not, but I've been really happy with my skin tone lately, and it truly does look healthy now aside from some minor scarring.

I think other regimen users who have been at this for a while might benefit from trying to up any AHAs they currently use for a couple of weeks and see what kind of results they get. This is definitely for vets, though, so people who have only been doing the regimen for a couple of months or people who have never used AHAs should wait because applying large amounts of AHA definitely makes my face redder (which is why I only do it at night) and way more sensitive, not to mention the stinging.

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