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so is there anything to help broken capillaries?

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hey there, i have moderate to severe acne..prone to redness etc...

i do think i already have a mild case of rosacea so i hope to go on a low dose of roaccutane because i simply just have to do something about my acne and i just hope it doesnt exasperate my facial redness..

part of the facial redness is that i have 2 broken capillaries, you know what i mean, little purple superficial veins just under the skin, their on my cheeks...

is there anything at all anyone has ever discovered to help with broken capillaries? this is an area i know little about... ive always been more concered about acne.. but it seems im probably just gonna get more and more of these things because my skin seems to be getting more and more sensitive...

would appreciate any help at all :confused:

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i know you can get the capillaries lasered, that will get rid of them, other than that idk. and btw low dose accutane is good for rosacea.

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i know you can get the capillaries lasered, that will get rid of them, other than that idk. and btw low dose accutane is good for rosacea.

hi jordon, i havent really spoken to you, but i noticed your very helpful with tane and rosacea questions and the like, so good on ye mate, its very appreciated by people...

anyhow... yeh i know its helpful for rosacea, but its striking that balance ye know, between not developing a more severe form of rosacea, but actually clearing acne that you had congesting your face for 7 years..eh hem..

its been said that in low doses of accutane, the side effects/adverse effects are much less, however thye longevity of positive results for acne is less... as in i was reading in this particular piece that 40% of those on 10mg daily have to repeat the treatment..

""Accutane "cures" about half of those people who take it so that they never need to do anything else for acne. In the first few weeks of treatment, about one in five patients gets a little worse, and one in 500 patients gets much worse. The rest either get much better, or better for a while. There is nothing else in the world that comes close to being this effective for severe acne. The usual patient takes it for 4 to 6 months, but some need more and must be "re-treated" for an additional 4 to 6 months.

The more Accutane you take, the greater the chance you will be cured. In clinical studies comparing dosages of 10, 40 and 80 milligrams daily, all 3 dosages resulted in initial clearing of acne. disease but there was a greater need for re-treatment with the smaller doses (about 40, 20, and 10% of the patients, respectively, required a second course of therapy).

Unfortunately, side effects depend on the dose also. At the lowest doses, there are almost no side effects at all. At the highest, everyone get rather nasty side effects. The dose need to be adjusted to strike a balance between effectiveness and side effects.""

and you can imagine if it didnt work for you at all on 10mg at all...? anyway, i know i must sound completely overboard but ye know.. you tend to go over these things in your head, its hard to help, especially with an important derm appointment coming up...

thanks for your post!

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