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On accutane

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im on accutane month 2 out of 6 month course and im wondering so can u use bio oil as a moisturizer while on accutane because on one of the threads i saw someone using it as a moisturizer and i was just wondering if its safe to use while on accutane to maybe help speed up the fading of my red marks. TY :)

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I use bio-oil to help fade my acne scars I yet havnt seen results coz ive only been using it for a while but I reckon its great It keeps my face as soft as a baby's bumb seriously its great !!

` ciaO amyy xx

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bio-oil is pretty good as a moisturizer as colourful amy said it makes ur face as soft as a babys bum. I feel however it just clogs the pores so much that it made me break out even more.

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hehe colourfull amyy cute lol !! I didnt break out maybe a few tiny tiny piimples thats probably coz of the special day of the month anywaiiz it did make my face go real red when I first used it but I realised it was coz i was rubbing the oil in too hard i then found dans videos for moisturising etc and put it on just like he said and voila !! no more redness ..

` ªмуу ьαььίί_.˚

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