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my new regime with log

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ok heres the deal...i've had mild to moderate acne for about a year now and it's really bothering me (like everyone else on this forum). I've been browing these forums for a while now trying a bunch of new stuff and nothing seemed to work. I gave up on BP and all other man made topicals because all they do is cause irritation and redness.

My acne is exactly the same if I use BP or if I dont do anything to it other then wash with water. So I obviously decide not to do anything with it. I've been doing the dip since October with mild results. The two months were the good but now its the same, just a bit more mild because the acne pops up quicker, goes away quicker and the marks fade faster. But the same amount comes up.

I've been always really healthy. I work out 4 times a week, play soccer 3 times a week and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

So here is what I'm trying. I now try to drink 4-6 water bottles a day. That is 2-3 liters of water a day. I cut absolutely all sugar and fried food.

Now for the natural topicals.

Morning - Dip + ACV 100%. No moisturizer. (surprisingly my face doesnt become dry at all)

After school - Small dip + tea tree oil

Night - this is kinda complicated

Dip +

Apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel for 20 minutes +

Shower +

Vitamin E oil (I get the yellow vitamin E capsules, cut them in half and apply the oil to my face. It feels amazing on your face and vitamin E is known to help your skin) +

Crushed Vitamin A (While the the vitamin E is still wet, i crush a little 10 000IU vitamin A pill into a fine powder and apply it to my face where acne is visible. The powder takes about 25minutes to be absorbed by your skin)

So lets see what this does to my skin. I doupt it can get worse because all these products are completely natural and are known to help skin and acne. I'm gonna post results every 3 days because it will obviously take time.

Wish me luck!

PS....I forgot to mention but if nothing improves by the end of the month im gonna give in and go to the dermatologist. I was hoping I was never gonna get to that point.

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