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newbie question - keloid scar

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years ago i took roaccutane for my severe acne. I was left with some icepicks and one large keloid scar on my right cheek as a result of a nodule which i constantly squeezed and picked.

I now feel alot more confortable with having abit of stubble to hide my scars but my problem is that my keloid scar is just a bald patch, no stubble will grow there so it just looks silly.

my question is, is it possible for treatment of any kind which will mean facial hair growing on the scar or am i left with a permanent bald spot on my cheek?

excuse my bad english i am indian, i only learn for 8 months, thank you :boohoo:

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I wonder if you could have a hair transplant there - like what balding guys do... they basically transplant hair follicles to the area that is bald. You might look into it. Your bald patch probably doesn't look too bad, you are just probably more aware of it than any one. I know lots of guys with beards who have funny little bald patches here and there naturally.

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you should see a dermatologist about it. they might be able to excise the scar - i don't know if they just reuccur if they do that. i dont' think a keloid scar is going to grow hair though.

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i have a keloid scar on my arm from a small wound i didn't get stitches in.it look like id been stabbed in the arm with a blunt butter knife!!i went to my doc and got a cortizone injection,it got bigger for a couple of days as it gets filled with the steroid but after about 3days,it just went down and i was just left with a flat pink scar which wasnt too bad.only thing is that it has got a bit bigger but im sure you could get the injection again and again if it comes back,hope this helped!

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