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Goodbye, goodbye, forever, pubic hair, vomit, and toliet scrubbing. At least I sincerely hope. All that fretting and fuss about getting a resume out there finally paid off - I have a comfy office job in a collections agency now. Housekeeping, I bid you adieu and organizing and running an office - I say Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret!!!!

I just wanted to share the good news and let people out there know that - YES, IT DOES GET BETTER. Just keep applying positive effort for the good (and if you have to curse and kick and throw things for a few minutes like I did this morning while searching for my dressy heels to wear to the interview, that's fine, too!) and things will change.

I love you guys so much - the support you gave me when I last posted about the frustrations of entry level work and fearing I'd never, ever get anything better turned out to be invaluable. Thank you!

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lol - it's Latin. It means "I am still learning." Unless I wrote it wrong, which is possible.....hmmmmmmmm...........

Thank you guys so much! Basically I'm fielding calls for a local collection agency - I will be doing some outbound collection calls, but most of my work is going to be playing receptionist. This is NEAT!!!! I may end up hating it, but for now, it sure beats housekeeping.........!

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I'm actually taking a pay CUT of a few cents, but I'm guarrenteed 40 hours a week at this new place, wheras I've only been averaging 25 hours or so at the housekeeping job.

The unusual addendum to that is that I will be making those 40 hours at 5 days a week, which is much better than what I've been doing at the housekeeping job (working 6-9 days in a row, get one day off, but work so few hours a day I only get 25 hours).....I will very much miss my coworkers, I've been there for 2 and a half years (I cried today when I had to put in my notice), but they know this is good for me.

I figure even if it's not a dream job, it's a step up from housekeeping. Whatever comes next can and will be, I have faith, a step above this. It's just I'm so glad it FINALLY happened.

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a big congrats elsewhere. i always thought you were too smart for housekeeping! way to go! and yes put t your photo back in your avatar. all the best.

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thats so awesome Elsewhere! congratulations! I had been keeping your job in my prayers, and it did turn out for the better! good luck! :dance:

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Thank you!!! I'm uber stuffed, we went out to dinner to celebrate. Man, I've needed a good thing so bad the last couple of months. I woke up this morning and while I was outside smoking my first ciggerrate, I said "God" (I talk to God in the mornings, wether or not he's up there, it helps me organize my thoughts for the day) "God, just give me a good thing. Just one. Please." I reminded myself that no matter how tired I was I needed to make positive effort for the good.......damn, it's been a good day.

And being able to share that here, that's even better. Thank you seem so small, but I do mean it very much to all of you.

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