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Dani Lou

Contact Lenses

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I'm just starting week 6 on 40 mg, and have been wearing them so far. My eyes are dry and irritated, but I actually find that they feel about the same whether I'm in contacts or glasses. I do have an extensive eyedrops regimen, which I would recommend: GenTeal PM eye ointment right before bed (basically a squirt of vaseline in your eye), Systane drops first thing in the morning, Refresh for contacts throughout the day. Good luck!

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Well, according to my derm, wearing contact lenses during accutane could cause a corneal abrasion. Although it seems highly unlikely that it would, I probably wouldnt take a chance. I dont mind wearing em for 6 months. I havent noticed any difference other than the fact that people call me 4-eyes, a nerd, a geek, etc. lol. Besides, maybe people will think that I'm smart! >_>

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I am just about to finish a four month course of 70mg per day. I have worn daily disposable contacts all the way through with no problems, and a week ago had a routine check with the optician, and all was well - no abrasions or anything

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Thank you for all of the feedback. I don't usually wear my contacts everyday but it's good to know that I'll be able to wear them when I want to. I'm starting Accutane when I see my derm in 3 weeks. I'm excited but scared at the same time given all the hype of this drug.

Thank you!

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After my first course i couldn't wear contacts for years. Eventually i could, but then i took a second course and again had to stop wearing them and still can't. My eyes don't feel dry to me, but my contacts literally pop out of my eye if i don't hit them with eyedrops every 15 minutes or so, so i'm back to glasses. This doesn't happen to everyone by any means, but there is always a possibility and it's not terribly uncommon.

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