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Differin and Benzaclin prescribed today....

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Benzaclin didn't help with red marks...it just eliminates Acne...

You'll firstly need to make your own personal routine on how you'll use these products. First wash you face and let it dry for 5 mins. Apply Benzaclin in a small, thin layer. Applying too much will burn your skin at first and dry you out. Wait 20-25 minutes after applying it and then use a moisturizer. Moisturize good because the Benzaclin is very drying....also on a side note ...don't use Benzaclin on areas were you do not get acne.

I recommend Cetaphil moisturizing cream...you can locate it in 3 or 16oz containers. I buy the huge 16oz tub and it lasts me forever...plus it moisturizes good and doesn't break me out. The same labs who make Differin make the Cetaphil brand line...so don't be scared of Cetaphil products...they always have acne in mind when they make something and they make sure it won't make your face worse.

On Differin...do the same thing as above...wash, wait 5 min, then apply small thin layer. Wait 20-25 mins and then moisturize...

As long as you moisturize properly and use the right moisturizer you'll be fine. Expect to see significant results in 3 weeks...just keep it consistent and you'll see ...

Also...the Differin should help with red marks.

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differin heals yours skin :)

personally, BP makes it worse (red marks) and im on differin atm and i use 2x a day, its 10x better than the duac gel i was on before.

differin causes no dryness, no redness and when u apply its like have water on your face, and you cant feel it once its dried in:)

and it elimates acne and doesnt scar the skin like BP does


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