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Hey all.

This may sound like a stupid question, but what is the real difference between BP gel/cream and BP wash.

Obviously one is applied after a cleanser, and one IS the cleanser.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to either?

I have read about BP wash helping with less skin irritation/dryness, which I get with every BP gel/cream I have tried.

If it does the same thing... maybe the better idea is to use the wash?

If so, what washes are good?

Thanks in advance.


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Actually washes including harsh ingredients are not good for you skin.


Theres a link that explains why....that doesnt mean its true for everyone, but its better just to use a non irritatring gentle cleanser and save the actual acne fighting for the products after the cleansing, like the BP gel/cream. Also gels are better, they have a tendency to get deeper in the skin then creams. Hope this helps

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The biggest problem with washes is just that they aren't as effective as leave-on treatments. The BP in a wash or mask isn't on your skin long enough to really absorb into it and kill lots of acne bacteria, so you only see a tiny bit of clearing with washes. You can try a wash, but I think all the ones at the drugstore that have BP rather than SA still are in a drying cream form with lots of alcohol and menthol, I can't actually think of a single good non-prescription BP wash.

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