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Welcome to my unhappy life!!

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Hi everybody, my name is bobby, im 17 and from Virginia. I'm 6'1 and i would consider myself an athlete(good shape). I have had acne ever since i can remember, in fact i cant remember a time when i could look in the mirror and see a clear face. Recently i broke up with my girlfriend of a year, it was great while it lasted but i felt like i was too stressed when i was with her. She has moved on and now has a new boyfriend, while i am lonely(isnt that ironic).

At the start of the year my acne really took a toll on my life. Mad breakouts, and on top of that my skin was Very very oily. I am crazy depressed now, i used to party alot but now instead of having a good time i drown myself in various drugs and alcohol and what not.... Which only seems to make things worse.... I recently found this website and am current trying a new regimen, but after years of failure im not sure what to expect. Ive had accutane, proactive, antibiotics, nothing seemd to work but the accutane. But months after i was off it my skin just went right back to normal.

I hope someone out there thats going or has gone through the same things,can give me some words of wisdom or advice.... Please I really need help

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my advice words are to try Dan kern's regimen and to watch thousands of time the videos.

also read this:


be as gentle as you can when you touch your skin, no picking no scrubs no aha (alfa hydroxid acids for some months) don't touch your skin and try and cut off junky shit foods (snacks chocolate bars)

loose sugars, or just use less and check if your acne is due to intestinal problems (how often do you go to the toilet)

use raccomended products (i use cetaphil, it's good stuff belive me) and get rid of all the topical stuff you see around you.

ask if you need more...


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Life can be cruel sometimes, espically when you have acne. Try not to get hung up on your previous life when you were happy with your girlfriend. It's really insignifigant that she has another man now, it seems like you're dwelling on her success and your shortcomings. Realize that the past really isn't that important, all that matters is how you're doing at the moment, that will dictate to how well you are in the future. Acne is no fun, just try to do your best each day and don't let it dictate how you feel about yourself and how you live your life. Continue to seek out new treatment when something doesn't work, consider possibly a 2nd round of tane sometimes one isn't enough.

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Guest Mankind

I think you should definitely go for another course of accutane as that should nip the acne problem in the bud.

As far as your life being unhappy goes, try to find any positives you can and just believe that everything will get better which it will.

I felt very similar last year. I had broken up with my girlfriend and finished my degree but continued to think about the past. How much fun I had at college and how great she was. Thinking like that just wraps you up in your own little world and thinking of what might have been. Just think what WILL be in months or years to come. You'll find another great girl, etc.

Stay strong, hope accutane can kill your acne forever. Good luck, man.

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