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I'm new here, and I'm depressed.

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I got my first zit at 10 years old, and I can only remember one time in my life where my skin was clear. It was the happiest I've ever been. My social life was thriving, I was dating a lot, and it just felt so great to feel beautiful. That was 2 years ago. I've been struggling with acne for 8 years and now I have this really big goal ahead of me.

For nearly as long as I've had acne, I've had a friend over seas. He's a big, big fella, so we both find comfort in each other's flaws, (though it's never been voiced, we can just... tell.). We've fallen in love, and I'm going over there to meet him. He's been working his ass off, literally, to "look good" for me when I land, and I just wish I could do the same with my skin. And I just wish that I could work the same way to get rid of the acne, and the scars. I hate sitting idley, waiting for something to happen... Wash face, apply BP, moisturize when I wake up, do it again before bed... day in... day out... It's gradually clearing up, but there are still the scars.

I just feel so hopeless and frusterated, like I'm not doing enough, but I've tried EVERYTHING, short of Accutane (which I refuse to go on... the risks are just too scary.)

Is there anything I can do to.. I don't know... make it feel like I'm doing MORE than I actually am?



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Hey I feel your pain, im new here too.... But i hope things work out for ya. I found this forum on an apple cider vinager and baking soda for scars and stuff, i just started trying it, ive used bp in the past and didnt really have too much luck so if this new regimen works for me maybe it'll work for you too...

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Guest ilovepancakes

welcome to the org. youve come to the right place. if you havent tried dans regimine you should definately start it, and after months of the regimine, see a derm if your skin doesnt improve.

good luck.

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Hi, and welcome to Acne.org.

I think you should seriously reconsider accunane. I haven't been on it myself but so many people here have and they have wonderful success stories.

Maybe you could also look into the DKR as well.

If you two are really in love then he'll accpet you..flaws and all.

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