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Help - Eucerin Overnight Renewal Cream and my Regimen

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Howdy, lil help please??

New guy on here I know, but here goes.

My acne is varied, not too bad when I was a young teen, the odd spot and I never bothered washing...then when I started to wash more (I'm 19 now) its crazy. So, been trying this regimen and fair play Dan, it works. I've tried every topical and oral antibiotic, vitamins etc and facewashes but this works. I've been going 3 weeks and Thursday to Saturday my skin is mint, then after Rugby Saturday and Football Sunday with no proper regimen and no BP because I'm out getting mullered with the teams it blows up Monday. My parents paid for my little brother to go on accutane straight off, which is frustrating because he doesn't try as hard as I do to keep skin clear, but after 2 years of complaining I'm finally seeing a derm tomorrow!!

Anyway, went in boots to get more stuff; I use Brevoxyl (which is mint, harsh but does the job) Biore pore perfect and Eucerin 5% urea...however, accidentally bought Eucerin Night Renewal with Ceramide 3. Got home and was reading it and it says it is water and oil based...is this bad!?!?!?!? I used it once the other night and it is awesome at rehydrating my skin, absorbs with in seconds but makes your skin shine. I had one whitehead on my chin the next morning but that could have been from the large weekend I had!!

Any experts or people in the know please tell me the score with this and any other moisturizers.

Also, I have adapted the regimen to try and include getting rid of red marks etc and really attacking oily skin without using loads of different products. At night I do the dip regimen (which does work, you can see all the previous moisturiser and BP coming out of your pores) followed by a light cleansing facewash followed by BP all over...and thats it. In the morning your face feels tight and flaky, then you just lightly cleanse again, more BP and Eucerin moisturiser. I do this every day but on the third night I use moisturiser instead of BP, giving my face a night off and time to recover.

My skin peels and refreshes at night, but in the day the moisturiser covers it up and it looks healthy and fairly decent. The peeling effect however is reducing red marks and old cysts which are still below the surface, however doing this makes your skin burn when first applied, which is a feeling i like. A way to help this (especially during the winter) is that when I have just applied I go outside for a cigarette in the cold, which feels nice, and then when I'm done I fan the cold air onto my face which helps with absorbtion, opening your pores (I think I read somewhere) and getting the BP to work properly as it releases oxygen. Hope maybe this works for someone, but can't wait to see the derm tomorrow!!

By the way, can you use BP on accutane?? Im guessing not, how long do I use it for once i start the course though to stop a break out between switching over meds??


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hey there i thought id answer ur post since no1 has

its weird that that moisturiser says "water AND oil based" as water and oil dont dissolve in one another, but if its working then dont switch, just get a new lighter moisturiser (Eucerin dry skin relief, Garnier Pure Shine Control, Biore, some nivea ones) for the day time.

u cant use BP or any other topical medication while on accutane cause you'll damage your skin. you can use moisturisers that contain AHA/BHA's and use facewashs that contain salicylic acid, u just cant use topicals or do facial peels.

any other questions, ask away :)

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