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Does B-Complex by itself do anything for acne???

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During my early days on this board way back in early 2004, I got swept into the then-new B5 regimen hoopla...........until about a little over a year afterwards when I decided that I was wasting too much of the little cash I got paid, possibly doing harm to my body with those huge doses of B5 (I still don't buy the whole "water-soluble" thing...........what's acne come to if we have to take larger-than-normal doses of something???) and not seeing much results. If anything, the only semblance of a result I saw during my stint with B5+B-Complex was in the color of my urine which was much darker. Apparently B-Complex acts as a sort of mild detox. So I continued taking and using B-Complex after abandoning B5. But now I ask and wonder, am I just fooling myself and wasting cash by continuing to take B-Complex alone in hopes that it makes a dent in my acne???

One of main (if not the main) peeves with my acne is that I have overactive oil glands, which in short words means that I have to blot my face numerous times a day with towels and/or paper towels to keep my face looking like I was bobbing for apples in a tank of corn oil. I have very oily skin, and when it gets oily it's clearly noticeable and distracting. Aside from eating as healthy as I can without starving myself and drinking as much water as possible, I have no other methods of controlling my oil. (Excluding washing my face twice a day with Purpose soap that is) I figured that taking B-Complex solo would not only be cheaper but would somehow work in mildly detoxing my body and perhaps my oil. But just how effective is it by itself??? Is it worth continuing to take it or should I ditch it and go for a real multivitamin???

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yeah i take B vitamins also. it contains b5 and other b types. and when i started taking it i did notice that my pee was really really yellow and then i read the caution paper which said that might happen. my medicine is called Berocca performance. it's an effervecence(sp) tablet and disolves in water and i drink it. after the first 4 days i noticed an improvment on my acne.. becuase i think b2 vitamins helps the blood circulate on the face. and plus i poop everyday. and every night you might want to try using a washcloth to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells from your face. and try finding a mask or something that has sulfur in it to control the sebaceous glands.

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I take the "Vitamin Shoppe" brand B-Complex, 100mg. I also was taking their B5 (Panthothenic Acid) brand, 500 mg before I dropped it.

As far as exfoliating goes, I occasionally use Buf-Puf sponges to wash my face, but have reduced their usage to just a few times a week because back when I was using it daily my face would end up overdried and I'd scratch off too much skin from my face.

Aside from the Purpose bar I use, my only other acne tools are a small tube of Bacitracin and Clearasil 10% BP gel. Have a good feeling another visit to the derm is at hand. I've been delaying it for too long and wasting unecessary money on temporary OTC products.

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yea the b vitamins should help your acne

to help with your oil, i heard somewhere that the oil glands are most active around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. washing your face a third time(around 2 or 3) might help with your oiliness, it certainly did with mine!

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