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Switching to Dan's BP

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Would it be safe to switch from one type of BP to another, or would it be bad for your acne? I have Spectro Acne Care BP 2.5%, which is working great, but it's too goddamn expensive. It's close to $7 after tax for a 25ml bottle, which lasts about 1 1/2 weeks. By the looks of dan's BP, you get a hell of alot more than 25ml. So $21-$28 a month for BP, $20 for cleanser and $5 for moisturizer= :o wtf!!!

Has anyone switched BP without a problem?

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I've switched bp three times (currently on dans bp) and have never had a problem. Infact when i switched to dans bp i found that i could actually use less and it would do an equally good job and also it was far less drying.

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ALso, i would take the cleanser out of your monthly total :)

One bottle of it has lasted me 3 months so far :)

And, lets see.. i use the BP gel one time per day (NOT recommended... use it twice or best results) and it last me a month.. but i put a crap load on.. cuss my problem area is my entire face.

So, if you use as much as me,, expect to use two tubes per month = about what, 17 dollars or so, plus shipping.

Not bad, i would go for it :)

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