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hey everyone.. i havent visited this site in so long.. i finished my accutane treatment at the very end of september.. it really did help.. but now the oil is comming back and i have a small problem..

im getting little bumps on certain parts of my forehead.. there small bumps.. they blend in with my skin but are annoying to feel when im washing my face.. does anyone experience this.. does anyone kno how to clear these little bumps.. i dont want to use an exfoliator because it is too harsh and my skin is still sensitive from accutane.. any help would be greatly appriciated.. pm me if u can.. thanks.. good luck fighting your acne battle.

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those bumps are clogged pores which will eventually turn into whiteheads.. I think.. because all those little bumps I have.. had turned into whiteheads.

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yeah they're clogged pores. uhm.. like for me they usually didn't turn into "normal pimples".. they just remained that way, skin colored and small. not really causing much trouble. if they get big enough you could squeeze them and a little plug would come out.. like a solid little dark colored plug. i think it's just a wad of dead skin cells caught in the pore.

salicylic acid gets rid of them over time (like 2-3 months) but.. with you coming off of accutane, SA might be too harsh for your skin.

you MAY want to try the C&C blackhead clearing scrub since it is really not irritating at all. i don't think it would cause you much trouble. other SA products would probably be bad though, so i'd stick with the C&C one.

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