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Hello Guys & Girls

I am usually on this website everyday but lately i've not been on that often, i think the saying goes that once your acne gets better or goes you dont seem to come on here that often and thats the case for me, my acne seems to have really settled down since the last month or so, well i'd say its been since i hit 22yrs old, i rarely wash my face anymore and i still get no whiteheads or nothing, i sometimes wash my face with the ACT soap in my regimen to get the oil that builds up over the days but thats about it, to be fair i cant even remember the last time i had a cyst on my neck which was where i got them alot, and thats weird to say as i got atleast 2 every week, i think my skin has changed slightly though as i dont get the itches on my neck that i used to get and when i got those itches i used to always have a big cyst pop up a short while after, my body acne seems to be getting to the stage where i dont need to treat it aswell but saying that my body acne isn't completely gone, i do still get some now and then but nowhere near as bad, my back acne seems to have gone completely though, i guess all i'm left with now is marks and scars though so i'm looking to treat them now more than anything, there not really bad scars though so i should have some great success with removing or atleast improving those, anyways i'll stop going on now, i just wanted to post this to let you all know that i'm not around so often now as my acne seems to have gone to sleep for a bit, maybe it will wake again now i've posted this lol, any questions please feel free to ask. :)

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