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California Cami

My new regimen that works like a charm!!! so simple!

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hi guys i posted once before on here about the pimples that i would get around my mouth. alot of people told me that it was hormonal acne because i was a girl and yadda yadda. i was on antibiotics from october 25 2006 to january 8th 2007 and it did nothing, i even think it may have made it worse! like i said i would only get big red pimples around my mouth, mostly from the corners of my lips to my jawline. and as soon as i stopped the antibiotics (solodyn) it began to clear up.

then i started taking daily multiple vitamins and drinking mostly water. NO DIET DRINKS OR CAFFEINE! i did nothing else to my diet tho. i still eat alot of unhealthy foods. chocolate, fried foods, etc... i have never eaten a fruit or vegetable in my life because i dont like them. i still dont eat them.

i also use retin-a micro on the areas that i got pimples. i applied it at night. i dries out the skin and makes it flaky and red but its easy to cover up if u have a hot date. then i started to use Proactiv cleansing wash. that and 5% benzoyl peroxide wash (perscibed by dr). i use that a few times a day. to remove makup i use olay daily facials because it does not scrub skin. i also put on proactiv advanced blemish treatment during the day. it comes in a tiny little tube.

thats all i do. and i stopped wearing makeup during the day and only put it on if i go out at night (bare minerals and studio gear spot concealer).

my skin has super cleared up, its still a little red and dry because of the proactiv cream and retin-a micro. but i can deal with that instead of pimples. its been good for about 2 wks now so i guess ill update u if things change. hope someone else will try it and it will work for them too. alot of people say that proactiv doesnt work but for what i have it has done alot. try it and stay with it for weeks until it starts to work.

thanks, Cami

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I have the same problem- I only get pimples around my mouth. I went to a derm and she said they are not cold sores. She gave me bactroban, a strong antibiotic, and it does nothing. If anything things are worse- three new ones in the week and a half I've been using it. Even when they are no longer puffy, the red spot stays forever. It looks like your regimin is basicially the dan kern (BP) +retin A. Never used retin A before, maybe I'll try that...

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