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New Member with some good news

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I went to the Derm today and he told me he was going to send me to the person who could perscribe me some Tane. Im going to get blood work in the morning. Then back ot the derm on the 17th to get the perscription! Im really excited because my acne is bad. Well not as bad as some cases Ive seen on here but its worse than some others as well. After the6 to 9 month cycle Im going to look into some sort of treatment for the scaring I already have.

Since this is also my first post Ill introduce myself. Im Steven. Im 15. My birthday is Sep. 14th. Im 6 1''. 215. I play football and workout a lot. I live in Fla. Im a freshman. Im strait. I have black hair that I have a miserable time trying to do anything with. I have dark eyes (brown or black when Im mad).

Thats all I can think of. Thanks guys.


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Hello Stephen! Your birthday happens to be the SAME DAY as my hubby's! I like you already! :)

Here's hoping the Tane goes well! Please start a log of your treatment, we have lots of members here with lots of Accutane questions and it always helps them to be able to read the treatment progess of those actually on it!

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good luck with it, hope it all goes well.

Pray for no side-effects, hope for clear skin. :pray:

start using a GOOD moisturizer + sunscreen if you dont already have one. You sound like you have an active lifestyle that may involve being outdoors and your skin gets much more sensitive to the sun on accutane. I have a friend who was running track during last year's season and was on accutane at the same time. He had practice everyday. His skin was RED and peeling everywhere. not just some peeling, but sunburn-like peeling; the skin was coming off in large pieces. He is fine now, but told me he never moisturized or applied sunscreen while on accutane. That's a big no no.

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Football practice, lift weights, kick boxing or jits (I mix it up). But I tend to get some decent sun exposure.

On my shopping list is:

1. SPF 15 Sunscreen

2. Some of my girlfriends stolen lotion (no even kidding)

3. Carmax

4. Gentle soap to wash up with

Soun OK?

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