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My use of Dan's regimen & Personal Notes

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Day 5 Morning

Applied regular dosage of peanut sized amount (more than this makes my skin burn at the moment.)

Results So Far

I am looking decent, in consideration of the fact that I only got six hours of sleep last night. I have no new breakouts, but at the same time I don't look too great. My eyes are all black and baggy from lack of sleep, and if you were to see me on the streets you might hold up a cross in retaliation of the living dead. Basically, get enough sleep - it matters.

- Chewy34

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Sleeeping did play a crucial role in acne. Maybe some claimed that they need to work for more than 12 hours per day, you could just take a short nap . When you rest, your body metabolism will have time to rejuvenate. Make sure everyone did sleep..haha..

garkee2003 :roll:

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This is my second week on the regimen

My acne looks pretty good. I'm sorry I haven't been updating... it seems as if my battle with acne has been put on hold while I face an even greater challenge: cold sore. Acne at least you can say so many other people also have it, so it's not as embarrassing. But cold sores, I'm like the only person with them right now. My confidence is shot and I avoid my friends; they are getting really worried about me but I tell them I just need some time to myself.

Man what am I going to do!

- Chewy34

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Week Four of Regimen (After week three's cold sore disaster.)

My results so far are amazing, to say the least. I've experienced very few breakouts lately and my skin is clearling up remarkably. Only in the areas of regular irritation do I still get breakouts, and even then it is rare. My face is a bit red but it isn't bad. My friends have even commented on my clearing up and asked what I was using, after which I directed them to this site.

I'm using about the size of a peanut's amount for the whole face at the moment and am gradually upping the dosage as per recommendation.

- Chui

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It has been probably two months or so since I started Dan's regimen. I've upped the dosage to two fingers full. The results so far have been very good. While I am not completely cured of acne, I break out much less often than I did before and in general have a clearer face than my peers. It's funny, though - after being on Dan's regimen for a while you start freaking out about tiny breakouts that before you would have said, "Thank goodness there is only one!" Here are some links to pictures of me just for fun, some are digitally enhanced so it isn't for the sake of seeing how much acne I have; just in case anybody's wondering what in general I look like!



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Tuesday February 11th,

This is I think the first day I have been completely clear in forever! Dosage is upped to 2 fingers a night and it really helps more than a pea-sized amount now that I have gotten used to it. I apply thin layers at a time moving across my face, rather than lots at the same time in one given area. I do one finger full on my entire face, then do another finger full again over the affected area.


- Chewy34

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