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My Accutane Log 2007 - Started: 06/02/07

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Day 75

Accutane is not an easy ride. This is coming from some1 who has only had dry lips as a side effect...so i can only wonder how bad it must be for those who have IB's and bad side effects! I say not an easy ride because you get random bumps and spots appearing after a few days of being clear. Its so unpredictable and skin is super thin and sensitive (but luckily it still handles retin-a well).

I still get the odd spot popping up, its just the pores purging. Each individual pore has to be purged out for my skin to smooth out. I have plenty of bumps and hardly any active acne. These bumps do develop into spots at random, which is so frustrating!

Im hoping to up my dose and get this crap over with sooner rather than later. Since things are going so slow, ive also started using my retin-a and sudocrem regimen. Only use sudocrem when there is active acne or irritated skin due to too much retin-a. Otherwise i just use retin-a morning and night to help speed up the shedding of skin.

I stopped taking vitamin E for a whole week, and noticed breakouts happened a lot more. So ive restarted vitamin E and also hyaluronic acid as of yesterday.

This course is so damn long i just pray i dont relapse because that will be hard to handle lol

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Day 79

Skin pretty clear especially after using retin-a to speed up the peeling of dead skin. Vitamin E seems to be helping as breakouts have gone down a lot since i resumed it. Hoping to increase my dose soon.

Side effects: dry lips.

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Day 109

Wow ive past 100 days and i did not even realise! So the update is that my skin is pretty clear, i get the odd spot like once every 2 weeks, but its tiny and dies quickly. Overall face is very very clear, id say 99% But I still have lots of bumps left, raised areas which need to be purged. Still have lots of dry pores that need purging so a long way to go before I am completely clear and free. If i stop now, it will all come back 100% because so many pores are clogged and yet to surface. :boohoo:

The good news is that my side effects have been nothing except for dry lips. At this low dose you would expect hardly any side effects anyway so that must explain some of it, but if my derm bumps up the dose then it might all change.. :pray:

Just so people realise how much a difference tane has made - I used to visit this site almost every other day, now its once a month and thats only if i remember! So my acne has gone from being a major issue to something much lower down the list and really regret not having used this many years earlier - all that time and money wasted, could have been free years earlier :wall:

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Day 114

I suddenly felt like updating my log. Nothing new to report at all. Face is clear just the same bumps that i am waiting for to purge and vanish.

This has got to be the best medication for us - has totally changed my life even on such a low dose! I guess I was lucky to have got results so quickly like within 2 weeks of starting. Also no IB may be due to the low dose.

This proves that a low dose might not be such a bad thing but its different for each person. As for links to depression and tane..i must say that thank god i have not experienced any such problems but rather its got rid of the depression i had with acne! I cant compliment tane enough for giving me back my life. No more do I spend half my days in front of the mirror keeping my face clean and wiping off oil and no more regimens that take hours to do and years to put on the creams and then wait a set amount of time before going onto the next bottle and then doing some vegetable diet then some chicken diet then some other diet then no diet then more creams :wall: .... :idea::rolleyes:

That was just a rant. Accutane is serious and it IS dangerous. The danger increases with dose, mine was half the standard dose but it is also the only proven thing to give long lasting results just by popping pills.

The next time i update this page might be in a long while so dont expect anything soon.

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Day 131

Yeah no IB, well not a real IB. I have been breaking out but in small spurts so its been much easier to handle rather than everything breaking out in one go. My pores are still being purged, and i still have lots of bumps surfacing.

Sad news is I have only about a month left before my course finishes. Ive been on this low dose the whole time so I dont feel its going to last or do me any good when i come off it.

Face is still much better than before accutane. All the oil has finished and new spots are few and far apart, the cysts have gone - actually i get the odd one but its a clogged pore that surfaces, and once it purges it never clogs again!

Only major side effect I have had is the dry lips, otherwise nothing else really. Had the few nosebleeds but thats because i blew my nose way too much :naughty:

Have any of u guys had improvements AFTER accutane? after u stop the tane, does it get any better or just down to luck which way it goes?

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Day 141

Overall very clear, actually only one active spot otherwise all clear. Just the bumps are so visible and so many of them. The best thing I have found for them is retin-a. I will be using up all my retin-a since i have only another few weeks left on the tane before my entire course ends. Need to make most of it and get these bumps out of my system before the tane finishes.

I get the feeling i'll have a relapse since I have not had a full dose, only half dose for 6 months.

Might as well make the most of the few free days I have ahead of me.

Side effects: just the dry lips

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Day 163

I have forgotten to take my daily dose a couple of times so I doubled the dose for a couple of days. I forgot to cut down sometimes, so I dont know how many days worth I have really had or whether this is actually Day 163 because I may have forgotten a day or more in the past couple of weeks.

I have another 6 or 7 days worth of tane left then my journey is over.

Results so far? unbelievable - 99% clear just some bumps that wont purge. Will continue retin-a regimen after the tane. No more oil either.

Side effects: dryness everywhere from head to toe. Only time will tell if that was all.

I rarely come on this forum now - I have found my cure so that should explain it.

Have read through some posts about side effects people are getting and I feel lucky but must stress this drug is dangerous and its long term safety is unknown. If i dont remember to return after my course finishes, good luck to everyone with their journey for a cure. I will most likely visit and try and help others.

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Day 170

FINALLY I HAVE FINISHED :) Yes today was the last day the last pill. 170 Days on tane although I did double up and change doses in the last few weeks so maybe I have used up more days than I should or maybe have used up my pills quicker than I should have.

But it has been 170 days since the start of this journey...mission completed.

Side effects? Still dry lips but that is it.

All side effects ever experienced - dry lips, slightly dry eyes - dont know if they were dry or not, so not sure. Dry nose & nosebleeds. Headaches. Easy bruising, cuts and delayed wound healing (once I found out about this I just avoided over doing anything and that solved it)

Dryness all over the body, everywhere but only mild. Had joint & muscle aches in the early weeks which I eliminated by not over doing exercise and by taking fish oil and joint supplements.

Supplements I used: I stopped taking them after a few months because I kind of forgot and was not even bothered. The best was vitamin E because you need it early to prevent massive breakouts. After a while when the tane kicks in and your breakouts go away, you dont really need any vitamin E.

Hyaluronic acid - waste of money, was very expensive and I only used it 1-2 weeks but gave up on it. Will use it now and finish it off since I paid for it! Was supposed to help rehydrate the skin etc as mentioned in my earlier posts....but I did not use it long enough or regularly to find out. This is because my acne was no longer a problem and my dry skin was very mild. Lips were not mild, they were badly dried as time went on.

Hope that helps you people who are thinking of tane or are on it already. I might be visitng this thread again soon so any questions are welcomed.

As for life post-tane, I will continue using retin-a and healing the retin-a use with sudocrem. Works wonders together as the retin-a peels off the skin and the sudocrem heals the area which can be red and tender otherwise. Hopefully i'll stay clear for long enough but so far this tane has been the only thing to give me so much clearance on my entire body and for so long.

The reason why my only side effect that lasted more than a week was dry skin/lips is because I was on a low dose of 0.5mg/kg. Low dose tane WORKS too, and I had cystic acne so there is hope if your worried about major side effects. The lower the dose, the less and milder the side effects. I did not choose the low dose, this is what I was prescribed because I was told it can have just as good effects with less risk of permanent or severe side effects. This will also mean that I am more likely to relapse because I dont have enough tane in me to give a long term result.....but only time will tell and you have to balance it against the possible horrific side effects you can encounter on larger doses. Hopefully there will be a better cure out by the time my acne returns - if it does.

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PS - I have so much crap in my cupboards that I will no longer use. Hundreds of bottles and masks and potions. If I get time, next month, I will list what I have left - not for you to buy, but for you to avoid - the only thing I advise u not to avoid is Dans BP Gel, I have 3 of those tubes sitting at home and they are worth the effort because they can really make a big difference! But the regimen dried me up way too much and changed my skin and hair colour because of the bleaching effect of the BP. But many ppl on this forum swear by it, and I dont doubt them because it worked well for me too! But its too much to use everyday and takes too long and nothing long-term or permanent. I might still keep those bottles lying around because you never know when they might be needed!

I dont think I have used a mask more than twice in the last 6 months thanks to being on tane! I used to use one at LEAST twice a WEEK lol notice the effect of tane? :)

Let me think off the top of my head what I have tried in the last decade:

Vitamin B5 overdoses



Corsa sp?

Antibiotics - tetra, doxy etc




BP gel

Natures Elements


ClearDerma (they dont give u money back even tho they say they do! )

Acnease tablets

Skin Doctors

Decleor Ylang Ylang for oil control

Tea tree oil

Nlite laser [very expensive]

Microdermabrasion [very expensive]

plus MANY more that I cant think of because I havent had to think about this stuff for such a long time since ive been on tane!

Obviously none of them worked - a couple worked a bit but most did not work at all. In fact only Dans BP regimen worked, the expensive lasers worked for a few months temporarily. The pills and lotions never worked at all. Basically nothing in the list is worth pursuing except for the lasers. This is my experience, so by all means feel free to try everything on the list if you think im an exception lol

I really think its so depressing to avoid tane and then have to go through 100000 products and 10 years and then end up on tane anyway.

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The oil has returned today. I noted it yesterday but today was even more and I can feel a cyst surfacing. I think the effects of tane have worn off and the dose was just too low to have a lasting effect.

I will continue monitoring for another week and see if it improves. Very sad and annoying, i might have to end up buying tane online if my derm doesnt give! but thats just too dangerous to consider right now so ill wait and see.

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The oil is back and here to stay. It takes a longer time to build up to the pre-tane levels so thats a good thing but it is still a big issue for me. Breakouts are still at bay although I have had a few tiny spots appearing and then going away quickly.

Verdict? The tane got rid of the cysts and recurring acne but did not do anything for the oil once I stopped it the oil came back.

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