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My Accutane Log 2007 - Started: 06/02/07

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DAYS 1 & 2

Got my accutane pills 2 days ago. Yes this is my second day on it! So far so good, not expecting an overnight miracle. Felt a bit light-headed with a slight headache this evening but thats about the only action ive had so far. Hey its only the second day! lol Am already 60-70% clear from my retin-A and sudocrem regimen. Derm was thinking twice when she saw how much i had cleared up, but had to emphasise that my acne is weird, cuz it flares up one week and dies out the next! btw i suffer from cystic acne too. Used to be severe then became moderate and then mild....but usually between mild and moderate, but its the big cysts which make things unbearable.

Will try and keep this log updated as much as possible - i dont expect anyone to really read this, its just for my own reference. I will definetely return once i finish so that people can be encouraged with positive stuff cuz all the horror stories really messed my mind up and thats why i had it delayed for so many months....i cud b at the end of my course now had it not been for the damn horror stories! :@

I wish everyone the best of luck with their ways! :D

PS- Im in my very early 20's and male and have suffered with this for say 9 years and have tried everything under the sun like the rest - hence the tane. Oh and the antiobiotics have totally killed my gut, biggest mistake of my life! pain in the ass, they clear u up and then bang ur face explodes the minute u leave them. Tried lasers, microdermabarasion etc etc ...at the end of the day id say ive spent about $20,000 over a total of 9yrs......yup thas $20k :wacko: . For the UK ppl its £10k = acne is both stubborn, horrible AND expensive :wall:

Fingers crossed, if this tane works then it just shows how much time i wasted thanks to the hype and horror stories :evil:

CORRECTION: I dont think $20k sounds right, I cant even afford that much? lol I dont know how i calculated that?! but its over 9 years. I think its most likely about $12k because I have spent about �4k on laser and dermabrasion treatments in the last 9 years so I think its right to say that at most another �2k on OTC products, pills and potions. SO all in all �6k at least over the past 9 years....thats roughly $12k in US Dollars.

Just think about those $30 and $99 30-day money back guarantee regimens we have fallen for? I know I have tried a lot, and most of the time it was difficult to get money back or send the stupid stuff back. Nlite alone cost me alot of money. Each time it was �250 ($500) and the effects would last 3-6months then back again.

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Nothing to really report. Bracing myself for the initial breakout but hoping i'll be lucky enough to not get it since my dose is low (25mg) :pray:

Will perhaps take another full week for me to start seeing some sign of activity like maybe some DRYNESS :pray:

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Again, not much to say. I think i can feel the IB coming because my nose has broken out real bad which is odd as i am 90% clear anyway thanks to my retin-a. Im still using retin-a along with my accutane, until i feel my skin is too sensitive for it. This is because it helps keep my pores unclogged and so less chance of anything breaking out!

My dose is so low, i doubt any real results will be seen too soon. Actually my derm said i should see results in a month and a half, so dont expect any miracles being reported in the next few weeks :rolleyes:

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DAYS 5 & 6

Again, nothing to report. Oil production has not decreased at all yet, and im still continuing my retin-a and sudocrem regimen. Skin seems to be tolerating it just fine, guess it will take a good number of days before it becomes sensitive and starts drying out.

In case anyone is wondering about supplements i might be taking: im on 800IU of Vitamin E, and omega 3, 6 and 9 (3-in-1 capsule) and also Zinc tablets.

My main worry is joint problems, so will try and buy some special joint formulated supplements too. So far I have not experienced any noticeable side effects thank god :pray: Obviously its too soon to notice anything!

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Days 7 & 8

Not much to repeat. Day 7 was the same as the rest, no change.

Day 8 I found my lips drying and skin feeling more tight and sensitive, although that may well be due to retin-a use. The dry lips today was something sudden (since they werent near this bad since i began) so i am guessing the tane's effects have kicked off. Hope I skip the IB! Just have the odd spot here and there, otherwise all clear :clap: which is amazing, as ive never gone by this clear for this long - usually have a cycle with clear skin for 2 days then a week off cysts and spots! So who knows, maybe in the next few days i'll find out if this clear skin is here to stay or not.

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Day 9

Not much to report. Still pretty clear. Skin does feel more thin and sensitive. Retin-a gel burns when applied (due to the alcohol content i think), although the cream version does not sting at all. I feel my retin-a and sudocrem regimen is keeping me clear whilst letting the tane do its work and so avoiding the IB

Im hoping i wont get the IB :pray: First time ever the oil appears to be reducing :surprised: eyes feel a bit different, i think it must be the dryness. Lips dont seem to be that dry at all, havent used any lip balm all day. So far so good.

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Day 10

Still nothing major, too early thats why lol I have noticed that my skin feels very soft and clean. Any new spots seem to heal really fast. I have had a slight breakout today, 2 or 3 new spots but surprisingly no cysts, just a normal spot and once drained easily heals. Also the oil reduction is amazing, most happy with that since oil was my major problem. That probably explains why my face looks so much more clearer and softer and why the breakouts are not so severe or numerous.

Side effects so far are slightly dry lips. Other than that nothing noticeable. My eyes did feel itchy but i used lubricating drops and that problem vanished. Hopefully that was just one-off. Im happy that the side effect has only been a slightly dry lip, which is easily remedied with lip balm. Thank god.

PS, the fact that my IB has not really happened, well i have broken out but its very minor, it doesnt even bother me, im happy that im on a low dose to begin with. Its worth it if it means reduced side effects and less chance of IB. Derm will most likely double my dose after a month i think, so fingers crossed that i dont break out during that time lol otherwise, what a waste of time going on a low dose initially! :pray:

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Day 11

Skin feels a bit dry. Complexion seems to be much better and face on the whole feels very clean and clear - all thanks to the massive reduction in oil ! :D Still getting old bumps raising to the surface, but dont appear too bad so its not a problem. These old bumps are really really old - they have been on my face as raised bumps for about 2 years, and now finally they seem to be on the verge of going away for good!

As for side effects, the only one i can notice is slightly dry lips - they have been dry these past 2 days, so i guess the dryness has only just begun.

On the whole its looking good and the purging is happening slowly, a few spots at a time. Which is not bad, rather it be a few than a full explosion at once :(

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Days 12 & 13

Still the same, no change. Plenty of raised and grainy areas and the old bumps are still there. They dont seem to be purging or getting inflammed and going away. Looks like it will take a long time before that happens.

Side effects continue..dry lips, dry skin everywhere but its very mild so not a problem. Joint pain has started to become worse and thats my major side effect right now. The only way to minimise it is to avoid overdoing anything so take it easy when lifting or running or going gym. Can only wonder how much worse it will be when derm doubles my dose :shifty:

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Day 14

Wow two weeks :shock: ok so my lips get very dry and chap. Oil production is low, not completely gone but easily manageable. Skin has gone from being clear to rough/grainy with little bumps of dried pores. Should clear out soon. Side effects continue - dry lips and aching joints and muscles.

I must add that the aching joints and muscles is very bad, but all because i overstrained myself a couple of days ago and since that day the pain has been persisting. Also Im getting lower back pain and this has started only today so i hope its a one-off otherwise its going to be a hard struggle for me :( Hopefully after a few months i will be able to look back on this log, and see this journey as totally worth it and a temporary and reversible discomfort!

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Day 15

Still going pretty clear only a couple of small spots. They easily purge and dry up quickly so its not worrying at all. No cysts, not a single cyst since i began the course which is a miracle. Ive never been this clear and gone this long without a breakout or cyst. Very happy with that progress :dance: Back pain has gone but had headaches instead! Joints feel fine but muscles are still hurting. :wacko:

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Day 16

I haven't taken my pills yet for today, but i'll put up a post right now anyway :cool: Same state as yesterday, face is dry and on the whole very clear. Hair is also dry, used to be very oily/greasy so this is a welcome change but i hope it doesnt overdry it and make it fall out :hand: Muscle aches have seriously reduced. It feels as if all the aches have miraculously vanished after i woke up. Ok not completely gone, i am still slightly worn out but totally manageable.

Dry lips continue but they dont seem to be extremely dry like other tane users have experienced. Maybe its too early in treatment or because of my low dose. Who cares, so long as its manageable :D

For those wondering why I have not really had a IB or cyst attack: i really think its to do with my retin-a and sudocrem regimen. Especially the retin-a, which i was using for a few months before i even began the tane. The retin-a did give me breakouts and some cysts, so i think thats why i have not had an IB on tane, because ive already had a lot of it with the retin-a. The retin-a makes ur skin peel and shed faster and ive noticed that its one of the best things for unclogging pores BUT the price u pay is a breakout when the pores purge. BUT if u use it well beforehand then ur chance of breaking out on tane is reduced since ur pores are not too clogged and even still the skin is thin enough to let the gunk escape easily rather than with force (i.e. a big red inflammed cyst). Also i have continued my regimen on the tane too. Although after about 12 days on tane, i noticed my skin was excessively drying out to retin-a so now i use it every other day or spot treat.

Another thing i thought i should mention is that ive been doing hot water dips and they seem to be helping a lot too. It loosens the pores and softens the sebum so during it i use a metal extractor to gently (again, GENTLY) scrape across the entire face and this removes a lot of sebum because i end up with strings of it - literally long strings of it collect. I finish off with another warm dip and towel dry. Face goes a bit red but settles back down within an hour.

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I was just doing more reading on accutane and its side effects and was horrified to learn of rare cases and some of the extreme complications. Not healthy considering im already on a course lol but im still drawn to the horror stories.

Just to scare everyone i thought id share one real-life case:

"Isotretinoin-induced inflammatory bowel disease in an adolescent.

Pharmacy Department, London Health Sciences Centre, Ontario, Canada. [email protected] ca

OBJECTIVE: To report a case of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) associated with use of isotretinoin. CASE SUMMARY: 17-year-old boy presented with new-onset rectal bleeding after completion of a five-month course of isotretinoin. A diagnosis of ulcerative colitis was made. His condition worsened despite therapy with 5-aminosalicylic acid, steroid retention enema, iron supplement, and prednisone. Five months after the onset of rectal bleeding, he had lost 11.4 kgand developed bilateral pitting edema of the hips and profound anemia. A subtotal colectomy and ileostomy was performed. DISCUSSION: Rectal bleeding has been reported to occur during or up to several years after treatment with isotretinoin. The mechanism by which isotretinoin may induce IBD is unknown. Proposed mechanisms include inhibition of epithelial cell growth resulting in ulceration and inflammation of the gut mucosa, inhibition of glycoprotein synthesis affecting the integrity of the mucosal wall, and stimulation of kiler T cells, leading to epithelial cell injury and a resultant inflammatory response. CONCLUSION: This case of probable isotretinoin-induced IBD suggests that patients with suspected IBD should be asked about current or past use of isotretinoin to improve documentation of this serious adverse event."

....now that FREAKED me out! Having bits of ur bowels surgically removed as a direct result of accutane is NOT comforting at all. ESPECIALLY when the horrors can begin after you finish your course....great(!)

Even psychiatric issues: a lot of people on these boards say its rubbish and there is no link to depression and bla bla bla. If you want to find out the real deal, search for it yourself and use medical journals and papers as your sources not random googled sites. THERE IS A LINK, it HAS the potential to decrease certain neurotransmitters and it can induce psychosis but the mechanisms are poorly understood. Just because they cannot prove it YET does not mean its not for real. Dont argue on the boards with ordinary people, read up medical articles and clinical trials of patients and then draw a conclusion if u can.

I do believe a lot of us are depressed before we begin the tane, so the tane worsens the situation. On the other hand when we clear up we lose all the depression out of joy lol so as you can see there are two sides to this and it applies to two groups of people: this is another reason why its difficult to find an exact cause or mechanism.

Accutane is a serious drug for a serious condition, just because we have no side effects right now does not mean none will develop after we finish.

Before i freak everyone else out any more including myself, i shud remind everyone that these statistics and serious effects are very small and rare. The vast majority are lucky enough to sail smoothly and this is why very few ever return to share their stories.

Wish everyone a healthy, happy and easy journey on tane! Remember the vast MAJORITY have minimal and minor side effects and permanent remission :clap:

I bet ive scared a lot of people now lol I just think its important people with MINOR acne realise that accutane is NOT worth the risk.

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Also another piece of info regarding accutane and those who dismiss Vitamin E!! :

Diffuse thinning of the hair and increased brittleness

of the nails can occur with isotretinoin therapy

although it is more common with acitretin. This

generally occurs 3 to 8 weeks into therapy and ceases

6 to 8 weeks after stopping the drug therapy.18,87

Persistent alopecia was reported in 2 of 720 patients

who were followed long-term.

Vitamin E (α-tocopherol) at 800 IU daily has

been reported to prevent many of the retinoidinduced

mucocutaneous side effects during highdose

(>150 mg per day) oral retinoid therapy

for myelodysplastic syndrome. Cheilitis decreased

from 100% to 30%, and there was a 90% decrease

in hair loss. In addition, there was a 75% decrease

in myalgias and arthralgias and a normalization of

transaminases and triglycerides. Anecdotal

reports suggest that this combination is beneficial

in cutaneous retinoid therapy; however, the effect

of vitamin E on the efficacy of isotretinoin has not

been fully evaluated.

The above paragraph was taken from the following paper:

Supplement: Isotretinoin—A State-of-the-Art Conference: Supported by an Educational Grant from Roche Dermatologics Inc.

Uses and complications of isotretinoin therapy

Charles N. Ellis MD and Kent J. Krach MD

From the Department of Dermatology, University of Michigan Medical School.

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Day 17

No real changes. Lips are not that dry at all. Joints and muscles seem much better. Eyes felt a bit different, so i thought they were probably dry and so i used some drops. Had a new spot today, skin is overall a bit rough so hopefully another couple of weeks should smooth it out.

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Days 18 & 19

Nothing to report yesterday except that oil production remains at a steady low. Went almost 9 hours without having to wash my face and no real grease to wipe away - which is a miracle to say the least. Would never go more than 3 hours without washing my face.

Today unfortunately can feel two new bumps forming and one of them hurts. Hopefully they wont explode into bigger monsters. Pores seem to refill with sebum and clog even after steaming face and extracting them. So obviously the tane has still got a lot of work to do in that area, even though my face is very dry.

I will continue to post but might not post for a good few days until something is significant to report.

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Day 20

Had to report that a few bumps are appearing and a cyst surfaced today. Was able to drain the cyst which would be impossible this early before tane. Blackheads have also surfaced and make face grainy. Oil production has completely stopped which is amazing - that was my biggest problem and so problem solved. Its amazing how quick i got that result considering i suffered from extremely oily t-zones.

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Day 21

Its been three weeks :shock: Time has gone so quickly! I said i would not be updating for a long time but i wanted to add some things. Firstly the cyst I drained y/day went totally flat afterwards. Smoothed out with the rest of my skin which is awesome since usually it would remain bumpy and obvious. The problem that i wanted to add here is that i applied retin-a to it shortly after i drained it and although this stung slightly I did not take notice of it. Later, i realised that entire cyst area covered in retin-a discoloured and left a scab. So clearly that was a big mistake. Ive been using retin-a on the rest of my face without any problems, i need it to get rid of the grainy blackheads which have surfaced everywhere! The lesson learnt is not to apply retin-a to broken or damaged skin even if it is a tiny hole that drained a cyst.

Lips are dry as usual but easily manageable with Aquaphor. Eyes sometimes itch, maybe due to dryness but thats manageable too. Other than that nothing to report. Skin is doing very well, no new breakouts, complexion is more even. Lots of blackheads have surfaced pushing the clogged pores to the surface. These areas are a bit rough as you would expect. One thing i must add is that certain parts of my face that are very clear are so smooth, soft and silky..like a baby's skin! Its so cool i never thought my skin would EVER be this great again. Even the rest of my body and back feel so silky soft. This effect of tane is amazing; removes acne and restores your skin to its baby self :clap:

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Day 22 :pray:

Wow i had to report this today - after my shower i noticed that my whole body feels much more smooth and soft. ESPECIALLY my back and chest were i also break out. Its gone so clear and smooth its unbelievable. I mean as smooth as baby skin. Tane is working miracles already, too bad its so risky being on it....like playing russian roulettes for 6 whole months!

Skin is quite clear and lips are not too dry. Now i am begining to worry about when my dose is upped. It will probably be doubled, hope i dont get an IB then because its going so well right now :pray:

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Days 23-26

Progress has been steady. No real changes so far, skin is still stable - pretty clear. Has been getting more dry and noticed that its not just dry skin which is flaking but also dry oil. The pores seem to be purging out all the sebum, but since its dry its just falling out.

since ive started, have had only 2 cysts: 1 big and 1 small. Still get the odd little spot, but their so small they dont worry me. Clearly this is a record because ive never gone so long without a breakout.

Going to add hyaluronic acid to my supplements soon. Been reading about it and it sounds like a miracle for our tane side effects. Rehydrates the skin, lips, joints and eyes. So that covers all my major side effects in one product :clap:

anyone wants to read can check it out here: http://www.hyaluronic.co.uk/

sounds too good to be true? but people on these boards have also reported results and the science backs it up all the way so no harm i guess.

If anyone has tried it then please let me know how it was!

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Day 30

Wow its been one month already! Today is the first time i noticed oil on my face. Seems like its coming back now :( hope it was a one-off. If it happens again tommorow i will return with another post. Hopefully it was just the heat and sweating :think: Otherwise, the one major effect will be gone and back to breakouts :S

Only real side effects are dry lips at the moment. Face is almost clear, but still lots of pores left to purge. I think if the oil returns then so will the cysts and big breakouts that are left.

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Day 32

Skin was a bit oily yesterday. So the oil is back, but not as much as before tane. But its still back, and thats a pain. Broke out in a few places too, and with the oil its not a surprise. Lots of clogged pores are surfacing, big ones that have been around for many months, so the breakouts will continue i guess. Still overall its manageable.

Only dry lips giving problems, other than that thank god no major side effects.

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Day 62

Its been a long while since i updated this log. Its not because ive completely cleared up, its because my acne is no longer so severe. I get the odd spot here and there, including a big cyst sometimes but they all disappear on their own. Skin is very dry which is great as the oil seems to have gone :) Lips are very dry but manageable and that is about it, thank god, for the side effects.

Im still continuing my low dose because of the few side effects ive had so i dont want to risk anything major happening by upping my dose. I stopped the hyaluronic acid supplement after only a few days of it but only because i totally forgot about it! I plan to restart it this week so hope that it will sort out the dryness.

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