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cetaphil for normal to oily skin

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was wondering if cetaphil for normal to oily skin facewash would work for me. it's the only cleanser i have and didn't want to go out and buy more. i don't really wear makeup or anything, but i wanted to know if it cleaned your skin well enough w/out drying it out! also, has anybody used olay complete moistuizer for sensitive skin and did it work and not break you out. also, did it moisturize well.

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That cleanser is gentle and unmedicated so it may be fine for you. One word of caution though, when I tried it, after several days I developed these red itchy bumps on both cheeks. They were much different than acne and at the time I realized it must be something in that cleanser. So I stopped using it and went back to my usual cleanser and the bumps went away. They were just small, red, itchy bumps and only on my cheeks. So, if you have that going on then suspect that cleanser. Although I don't know of anyone else that had that reaction to it besides myself.

As for the Olay Complete Moisturizer, I haven't tried that one yet.

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so i was confused about a moisturizer. should i use cetaphil, or is that too greasy. i have the neutrogena healthy skin but i wasn't sure. on the last regimen i did i used bp and an aha toner so i think my face can handle it. i just don't want to break out, but i want to be moisturized enough.

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I like Cetaphil Normal-to-Oily, I've been using it (or the Target knockoff version) for a long time now without issues. IT does smell a little too fragranced for my tastes but hasn't given me any problems. It definitely cleanses your skin thoroughly, but it's not very drying, especially if you use lukewarm (not hot) water and don't use too much of the cleanser. The 16 oz. bottle lasts for forever, I swear.

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