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Trying to convince family toward natural products

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I wanted to try changing the foods I consme as in more natural but since my family is used to eating the foods that they always ate when they were younger and the foods that they served when I was younger, it's difficult to convince them to change certain foods. I mean I don't think they are too interested in certain foods such as organic chicken or soy milk. They think that some oil is important (although the oil from processed foods is not the best type, I think olive oil is the healthiest from what I heard) to have sometimes. I normally have either pasta or potatoes durring the evening which I'm not sure is the best thing to have either. Some of this may be that I am underweight and that they are afraid of me losing more weight. Is it possible to maintain weight or be able to gain some weight when consuming more natural foods?

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i remember a few months ago i was able to maintain weight even with just whole rolled oats, salad, fish/eggs, green smoothies and whole wheat bread. im petite though.

what helped me make a few changes in my family's diet are:

-offering to prepare the meals myself

-telling them my choices (which are healthier options) when being asked in the grocery store and giving a brief explanation why i choose them over this and that

-listening to their health concerns and sharing my opinion on what may help (based on the info i get from my personal diet researches)

there are still a lot of unhealthy stuff in our kitchen but if i cant do much about it and my family's diet, i, at least, control what i eat, reducing my intake of food that i dont consider good.

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