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This is probably a really daft and pointless question, but I'm a little confused between two different fish oil supplements i have to combat the hair thinning associated with accutane ( btw, i should first say that as far as i can tell neither are derived from the liver of the fish, so no risk of extra Vit A). One is simply omega 3 fish oil tabs (10 mg Vit E, 500 mg Omega 3 providing 90 mg EPA and 60 mg DHA), while the other is entitled "super concentrated fish oils", with the main ingredients listed just as "Fish Oil" providing 330 mg EPA and 220 mg DHA (all values per tab obs). If this makes any sense to someone, I'd love it if they could recommend which one is more suitable/safer to be taken with accutane, particularly when dealing with hair thinning.

Thank you! :D


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I would go with the one that provides omega 3, but i don't know that it will help thinning. What it does seem to help are the joint aches associated with Accutane.

Cool, cheers for the advice. Is there a specific supplement you're aware of that can help combat the thinning then?

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Some people will advice the standard "hair supplement" type stuff, but i honestly don't think anything helps but time or perhaps a lower dosage if thinning is extreme. The hair thins because Accutane is a stressor on the body (look up telogen effluvium for more info), and i don't see how supplements reduce that stress.

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