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Might want to re-think that. The apricot scrub is very sharp microscopically. Using it tears the skin up and can actually aggravate acne in the long run. It's better to use a chemical exfoliant, or if you must use a physical exfoliant, get one of the ones with the spherical microbeads.

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Yeah, I have tried the apricot scrub and it was way too harsh on my skin. Instead, I settled on *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* scrub (thanks to forum members for pointing it out)

I liked it so much that I even wrote a review on it.

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but i want to use this for atleast a week though

it has aha in it so i guess thats why my redmarks seem to be lighter

but ill see about that nivea thing next week if i see that the scrub isent going well

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well, if the harsher scrub works well for you... then keep on using whatever is good!

However, I tried the Apricot one too (they must have good marketing or something, everyone seems to have tried it) and it hurt my skin more than anything. Everyone's different though!

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Guest j3ff86

I use it once or twice a month to get rid of noticably peeling skin, but it is a little harsh.

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I wouldn't put that stuff on my face if you paid me.

As BTDT said: microbeads are the way to go if you want to use a scrub ..... personally I prefer chemical exfoliation, but each to their own.

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Apricot Scrub was the same for me. I have sensitive skin anyway it was red for a day or 2 after using it.

You guys should look at Himalayan Crystal Salt. It the most effective treatment I've found but it's not advertised as a treatment for acne.

You can buy it at a few sites online. Just do a search for "himalayan crystal salt deodorant bar".

It's hard to find info on why it works on acne but I found a blog entry that might help explain it.


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I really like it too, but I got the one for "sensitive" skin...I've been using it for two months now (and i have dry, sensitive skin) and I have not had any irritation yet. Might be something to think about.

Also, I tried this new microdermabrasion scrub by Derma E and it was wonderful for evening the texture of my skin and making it sooooooo soft. It was a sample tho and I ran out, so don't know about long-term but I'm gonna buy some soon. Give it a try! It seemed to help my scarring, and the microbeads were round if I remember. They're also super-small and grainy, like very fine sand. :D

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Guest Mankind

Yeah, it was nothing special when I used it awhile back - it just seemed to irritate my skin.

Also, it microscopically rips/scratches the skin which is something I wouldn't really want at all.

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