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My take on shaving

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I notice that Dan gives a tip and says to shave everyday to avoid irritation.

I strongly disagree with this.

DO NOT shave everyday unless you need to. I, myself, have a pretty thick growth, however, it tends to come in slow. I have tried shaving everday, but it irritates my skin badly. I find that if I go every other day, it works much better and is less irritating.

My point is, do not shave everyday unless you have to. Basically do not shave everyday unless you have a lot of stubble after one day. If you are still mostly smooth with only some stubble here and there, I would wait.

Just my take on it.

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I don't think my skin gets irritated that badly shaving daily. I found out that it's better for me to do it everyday instead of growing it out and then shaving. I always feel like I'm tugging on the hairs.

Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. :)

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Of course, if shaving daily doesn't bother you, continue.

I am not saying you should grow your beard out for a week and then shave, but I recommend you do it every other day if your growth doesn't come in very fast.

If I were to grow a beard, I'd have a great looking one, it comes in nice and thick, however, like I said, it takes awhile. When I tried shaving everyday, it would feel like I wasn't shaving any hair, but rather just running the blades over my skin. If that's the case, shave every other day. Not only is it easier to cut yourself when there's nothing there, I personally find it more irritating.

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I found it more difficult for the moisturizer and the BP to fully absorb into the skin when I didn't shave everyday. The mousturizer would get stuck in the hair so I would rub it harder to try and get it to absorb thus causing more irritation. As far as shaving irritation goes, there might be a small amount of irritation shaving everyday for me, but I think it keeps me a little clearer. When I would shave every other day, I would always have one or two zits pop up from time to time... So I could either have a little irritation from time to time (mainly on my neck/chin area) or a new zit or two every week... for me the choice was easy. Although it is a pain, shaving everyday is the way I go, I just try to be as gentle as possible using Dan's suggestions.

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me too. if i dont shave everyday, the bp and mositurizer doesnt rub in as well and i get flakes. Also, i would get some ingrown hairs when i didnt shave, but when i shaved everyday, that cut that completley off and hardly got any flakes, which is why that is what i continue to do, except every now and then i grow a goatee.

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I suppose everyone responds differently to the frequency of a shaving routine. I have found that I break out around my mouth and on my chin the more often that I shave - so I know that this is due to how often I do. When I allow a bit of growth, I am fine.

Fortunately I work from home so I only have to shave (and do) upon going out - or when it is important to do so.

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shaving- omg - same here- i shave with clipper - its pretty much the least irritation shaving unit for me -i'll do it every other day

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