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hey guys, starting a sort of new accutane log coz the other one has a '10mg title' but now i'm on 20mg!! well its day 84 and ppl are saying that they are noticing a difference :) my forehead is totally clear :) still got red marks...and am getting new spots down left hand side but i cant see them if i look straight ahead in the mirror so i'm not fussed :) red marks are so embarrassing. i'm finding that i'm getting a lot more black heads rather than spots. nearly 3 months!! is anyone else on the same sort of time as me? hows it going for u? not picked my face for weeks. had itchy hands last week but they much better now. reply when you can .

love chazzyxxx :wacko:

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Hi Chaz!

Finally found the time to drop u a lil message :)

So glad to hear ppl saying ur skin looks much better. :) I just wish my face wern't so red all the time... I am on month 2 and a bit with a 2-3 week gap in the middle from chasing my derm about where my pills are... decreased my dose to 20mg now to save pills cos I hardly have any time to collect my pills from my derm.... big pain cos my skin is getting a little bit more oiller I have decreased my dose!!! :S Grr!!!

Its so nice not to get new spots every other day or everyday... this time last yr my skin was at its worst and today my skin has looked its best ish in years!!! I have a few blocked pores on my cheeks...which scares me but better than huge breakouts!

I love Accutane... only downside is its given me problems with going red where my face burns for an hour or so then it calms down :( So embarressing.

All gd! Hope u doin well and stuff.... will try and message more :) Have gd weekend xoxoxoxoxox

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