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Hi there! So I never really kept a log, just wanted to let anyone who is interested know my journey....So I started on 40mg of amnesteem on Oct. 17 for SUDDEN onset of horrible acne...I am a 31y female, I have always had acne has a teenager and had it sort of under control has an adult with clearasil. But then suddenly had a horrible break out! Anyway I took amnesteen and antibiotics (by the way have NEVER been to a derm until Oct, and when I walked in, she put me on amnesteem right away!) Right from the start my acne became WORSE. The second month I was bumped up to 80mg, my acne GOT EVEN WORSE! It was the worst few months of my life!!!!!!!!!! I stayed on 80 mg until my 3rd month, my acne got a tiny bit better as the weeks past, but VERY slowly!...I never thought this stuff was ever going to work! In the third month my doc put me on Prednisone for 15 days, that was a miracle, cleared up pretty good...until I was done taking it, she wouldn't give me more and a few days after being done with it BROKE OUT AGAIN!!!!!!!! I am now 2 weeks into my 4th month and on 120mg and OMG, the stuff is finally working great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO glad I stuck with it!!!!! I go back Feb. 19 and I will be at 18 weeks, she said I would take it for 20 weeks...but I hope she leaves me on for another month...just to get even more clear!

anyway just incase it doesn't seem like the stuff is working for you...stick with it!!!!!

by the way, I never really had bad side effects except for:

dry lips, hair and skin

and geez my body aches!

2 minor nose bleeds

but all the side effects were minor and controllable.....


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Good for you!. I love the 'brief synopsis' :drool: Glad to hear it's FINALLY working. I had that weird 'suddenly I have ACNE' also. I waited 3 years though before going on Accutane. (stupid girl :wall: ) And, I was told by a derm on the first visit 3 years ago to go on it. But I waited.. to scared to go for it. I'm into my 2nd month now. So far, so good. :pray:

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