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Sotret; Accutane for the first time! Please read!

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I have been on it for three weeks straight now and felt improvement.

Thanks to my derma, she made me see that i have a chance!

I was on several different medications, minocine...and creams like

differen gel, as well as tretinoin cream...and they haven't worked one bit.

My face has gotten so much smoother, and i feel comfortable touching

my forehead. No more pimples there, and i'm very happy about that.

However there is problems still with my cheeks, i mean they aren't

as rough as before but i still feel two to three bumps. What i'm struggling

with at the moment is my pores and my red marks. I use powder based makeup

everyday to cover it up...it would be nice to not wear anything on your

face but moisturizer someday soon!

How are you guys holding up? What are your daily steps to cleansing your

lovely faces (we all know we look good underneath it all; just hang tight--everyone

on this site are in this as one)!

For me i'd love any suggestions.

I just use regular Dove Sensitive Skin soap bar,

then moisturize with Cetiphil Lotion.

If you guys have anything that helps you with blemishes

or red markings, or even to reduce small bumps, please tell me? it'll

help very much! Should i exfoliate every week, use oil blotting paper,

what products can help to reduce my pore size? :redface:



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