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I looked at the proactive thread and there are many people who are in support of it, yet many of you guys were forced to stop because of the price.If many of ya'll didn't know, theres this stuff called "Klear Action".

It's basicially a generic Proactive with the same 3 steps. You also get more oz. of medicine at half the cost.I'm not adveritising for this product by no means. Ive just been using this with a combo of dan's regimen for the past 15 months and its been doing wonders.

Type in "Klear Acction" on any search engine and you should find a place to order online. I have found it in myu local Walgreens for over a half year now. The ingredients seem to be 100% the same. Why spend 40 and pay for shipping when you can get it for half at your local walgreens?

Just opening up options for everyone.

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im wayyy to weary. if im on soemthign and it works, i stick to it .... even the slightest difference is not an option. i didnt read closely .... i dunno if ur planning on changing, but if you are .... i wouldnt, stick to what works

i use a glycolic oily skin wash at night b4 applying my mask. i also apply a mask in morning w/o the glycolic stuff. the glycolic wash has almost nothing to do with preventing breakouts .... yet when i switched to the non oily skin one for 2, yes 2, days. it took me 3 weeks to get my skin abck to previous state


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actually proactive didnt work for me.

I was forced into some type of change.

I tryed dans regimen for awhile before I stumbled onto klear action. and its working GREAT!

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