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Oh boy oh boy oh boy did tonight suck when i realized something.

Let me just take you boys and gals a few weeks back. I started to actually start using something on my face rather then just taking a shower and washing it at night.

And that my friends was cetaphil cleanser. So I started using that once a day. And I realized that my face needed a moisturizer.

So i actually started using that yesterday. And so forth. So tonight as I was washing my face with the cleanser I noticed all this crud still on my skin! And I realized that was the moisturizer! SLAP in the face. I was being wayyyyyyyyyy to gentle with using my cleanser and possibly even applying too much moisturizer. Because all that crud was not getting of my skin.

SO i opted to actually using a bit of force and MY hands instead of dumpin my head and having the sink run over my face while never coming into contact with my face. And the crud was goin off. Not entirely but yeah I was too shocked to even do much.

SO yeah that was my new lesson learned. I mean or maybe its just an error and the moisturizer i used in the morning wasnt coming off. Maybe because I have oily skin :/ and moderate/severe acne.

gosh this shit sucks.

But maybe this might help my general skin condition because never in my life have i used a cleanser or moisturized my face. Im thinking those could be characteristics on why my skin is producing too much oil. Im 20 btw..

Hopefully the right way of applying this cetaphil cleanser + lotion will help my overall skin tone. As I amnot really breaking out mucha nymore and all im getting is just spots/scars. A little acne here and there but yeah.

Any tips on how to successfully apply/take off moisturizing along with cleanser would be really appreciated.

Thanks and lets keep fightin this fight and hope one day it all fades away.

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If you have extrememly oily skin the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser isn't going to remove much of anything. I'd reccomend possibly switching cleanser to something with slightly more detergency. If you like Cetaphil....they do make a normal to oily version, that is still very gentle. The problem with the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser is that it contians a high amount of cetyl alcohol (I beleive it's #2 in the ingredient list). Cetyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol that does a decent job of helping to prevent transepidermal water loss, which can lead to dry skin, but it also can leave behind a slimy film. I noticed it in my skin, shower, and of course...on my face. My skin was extrememly oily, and it did very little to remove the oil, and worse...it left behind a bunch of skin cells that may have been washed away if I'd used a different cleanser.

I'm currently on Accutane and I still can't use the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. I'm in my fifth month and now on 100mg a day, and my skin still produces a little sebum, which the Gentle Cleanser dosn't really remove....if I use it every few days I get gross white crud that builds up....ick...

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