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question about peels, and high-profile derms

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hi! i have a few questions for those of you more knowledgable than myself.

first off, i saw an ad for a local clinic that offers help for acne scars- they showed the various kinds and treatments. however, through this board, i've learned that you should be cautious of dermatologists trying to push off certain kinds of treatments on you, and this place also does things like facelifts, botox, etc.... i'm thinking they might, also because of the high-profile ads, be sort of, you know. busy and slick and... not authentic with advice. is this just a negative stereotype? i've never even had a consultation before, and i am nervous about it, but wanted to go ahead and set one up... i was excited to see there is a place like this in the small town where i'm going to college, and i've really been stressed about my skin lately and wanting to finally really do something about it. but for the same reason, i'm afraid i might be easily talked into something ineffective.

i have researched on my own, but i am overwhelmed by the varieties of procedures and responses. i think i would like punch excision, or that that may be most effective for what i have. thank goodness that also seems to be one of the more affordable methods!

my other question is in regards to at-home peels... the message board on red marks has a list of recommended products, and two of them are puredeming intense and loganwood skin care, which has a more intense lactic acid peel. do you think either of these make some significant difference in the appearance of scarring? also, are they at all dangerous? i'm hesitant because i'm afraid they will burn and further ruin my skin, yet anxious to try them in case they help.

i'm also asking about these products because i think awhile back (i have been away from the MB for awhile), i saw some posts which said peels just made it hard to treater actual scars, plus i'm assuming skin will be sensitive for awhile afterwards, so if i'm considering the other treatment, should i avoid the home peels?

any input is greatly appreciated.

thanks so much! :)

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Peels can be beneficial for complexion issues such as red marks and overall skin tone. You just have to get the right peel for your condition and skin type. I have heard good things about the Obagi peels as well as some Glycolics.

However, I would be very careful with any at home peels that are professional strength or higher...

In general I would recommend at home peels in low strength for maintenance rather than trying to acheive anything dramatic improvementwise.

As for the Doctors, if they are offering free consultations you should take it. Use your better judgement and ask a lot of questions. I generally feel that your Doctor should be your primary source for improving your acne scars.. You should use great websites such as this one to learn as much as you can so you are better prepared to ask intelligent and relevant questions to your Dr for your specific condition.

Good luck

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