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johnsons and johnson

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i see that a lot of people use johnson and johnson head to toe baby wash...

does it really work well and how has it helped you with your acne?? and what is a good moisturizer for this that will make your skin smooth??? :wall:

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Ive been wondering the same thing.Cetaphil seems to make me a bit dry and when i have to go out and buy a replacement im considering buying the head to toe baby wash.Seems like it wouldnt dry me out as much.

For lotion, i like the Complex 15 im using but everyones skin is different and you'll probably just have to experiment with some different lotions

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I just got it today,first impressions are good.its really mild,cleans well and most importantly it doesnt feel like there is anything on your skin.it also only costs €4 for 2 of them,serious bargain imo thanks again Maverick

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Does anyone know if JOHNSON'S® HEAD-TO-TOE® Baby Wash the same as JOHNSON'S® TOP-TO-TOE® Baby Bath?

I can't find 'HEAD-TO-TOE' anywhere, just 'TOP-TO-TOE'-!

Cheers guys!


Just compared ingredients and found these differences:

Sodium Chloride - 'TOP-TO-TOE' doesn’t have - it just has 'Sodium'

Polyquaternium-10, TOP-TO-TOE doesn’t have - HEAD-TO-TOE does.

Lauroamphoacetate -TOP-TO-TOE- has - HEAD-TO-TOE doesn’t.

Anyone heard anything about those?

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Top to toe baby wash is the UK version and Head to toe baby wash is the US version.

However Top to toe baby bath is a different product I believe, sounds more like a bubble bath.

Look around for Top to toe baby wash, you'll find it, Brandy uses the US version.

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Ah ok thanks!!

Yeah I've checked a few of the big pharmacies around here (Melbourne AUS) and cant find it, just the 'bath' top-to-toe. On the Australia Johnson’s site under Baby-care it only has Top-to-Toe Bath, so maybe they don’t have it over here. It has this as the description:

Both effectively clean’s baby's hair and skin from top to toe, and rinses easily without drying and irritating. Milder than soap, this all over wash will gently and effectively clean even sensitive skin and hair without drying or irritating.

Though it does direct to use a few pumps in a bath for baby and lather on sponge for adults. Ah well, I bought it so I guess I’ll use it in the shower for the bod if its wrong! :rolleyes:

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Guest Mumblesorusjen

i used to use the 24 hour soft wash

and lotion by johnson&johnson

It works really well and makes skin super soft and touchable

i use to have a few back breakouts

& after i started using it i haven't had any since

i ran out recently and need to get more

it works so well

here is the description:

JOHNSON’S® SOFTLOTION™ Calming Lotion soothes your senses, leaves skin baby soft for 24 hours with lavender and chamomile, and JOHNSON’S® SOFTWASH™ Calming 24 Hour Moisturizing Wash soothes and replenishes for lasting baby softness with 1/3 creamy lotion and lavender.


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I wouldn't recommend J&J.. If you want a gentle baby wash, try Burt's Bees Baby Bee Hair & Body Wash, or California Baby Body wash!! Natural ingredients, and no SLS!! GIVE THEM A TRY!! You won't regret it! I promise!

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