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gaining weight and losing acne

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long story short i am a sprinter and am trying to gain around 10pounds, i currently weigh around 158pounds i started at around 148pounds

I have been on this diet for around 1 month i dont have a whole head of money since im almost 20 so i cant afford protein powders or anything much really basically its 50bux (around 35-40bux's american) a week for food or there abouts.

breakfast 800cal of oats and an apple

snack soy milk and 2 small cans of tunax 2 per day

lunch i either have mixed beans with chicken and vegetables or brown rice chicken and veges

after training i have another 800cal of oats and an apple

throughout the day i have 4 glasses of green smoothie with generally parsley,lettuce and rocket.

before bed i have a tablespoon of flax.

around 4000calories in total

i also have a zinc and anti oxidant supplement

my average approx diet breakdown is:

200g protein

80g fat

13g of that is saturated fat

481g of carbs

33grams are sugars

i didnt include the sugars from my green smoothies in the equation

since my diet change i have lost some of my acne but i still have blackheads and always around 10-12 small pimples on my face.

i was wondering if there are any changes i can make to improve the diet to decrease or eliminate my acne and also anything i could replace for even better quality weight gain

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How about peanut butter added to breakfast? Relatively cheap and I know I'm not supposed to eat much of it since I'm trying to LOSE weight.

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You do pay more initially for many chicken breasts than individually right? I love tuna but 2 cans a day worries me. That's an overkill of heavy metals. If you can stomach it try adding other canned fish drained of course. Sardines in water don't have much sodium, are cheaper than tuna, have more protein, tons of omega 3's and you don't have to worry about contaminants as they are lower in the food chain. For a bit more money and sodium you can get smoked oysters.

Peanut butter or almond butter put on apple slices will add on the calories.

If you go to trueprotein.com or trueproteincanada.com you will find high quality protein for very cheap, since they don't deal with fancy marketing and packaging. It comes in a thick plain bag. It is absolutely cheaper than any meat source and a better source of protein than pretty much anything else.

I like lentils over all other beans(Except kidney in chili) but I guess a legume is a legume. They are all very good for protein, calories, fiber, etc...

Extra lean hamburger in bulk from local farmers is tasty, cheap and healthy. In fact if you have a deep freezer and want to pay up front more money, you can buy a quarter or a half of beef.

I'm just wondering how 33 grams of simple sugar a day is supporting a sprinter? I'm not a sprinter so I don't really know.

If you can get it skip the soy milk and find some non homogenized milk. It doesn't give a lot of people problems. I didn't think I could get it other than from the farmer without paying an arm and a leg but just today I found out that i can get whole non homogenized milk(free range), for 4.50 for 2.25 litres. It even comes in a cool glass jar like they used to have. Look around you may be surprised at what you can find. One glass of that stuff has a lot of calories and the saturated fats are actually good for you. Plus it tastes amazing versus the grain fed cows as milk varies a lot with what the animal consumes.

Eggs are cheap. Skip the organic and go for free range, whether it's organic or not. Organic eggs are still produced on large barns and cages, only the feed is organic. Free range eggs are about 30% more but eggs are cheap anyway.

Honey will add some good sugars and calories. Get unpasteurized as pasteruization for honey does nothing. Honey is the only food that doesn't spoil. Ever.

I have a lot more but it may not be acne friendly. You can easily do the above with 200 a month if you shop smart.

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cool so unhomogonised milk wont affect acne, personally i dont think me drinking as much soy is too good of an option but normal milk just did terrible thing to me face, as for the sardines i have never tried them.. ill give them a go and if they taste alright i guess they are a better option

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I didn't say that it won't affect acne in everyone, just that many people that have trouble with it before don't after switching. Even more find that they can take raw milk. You can also get any dairy product non-homogenized. I just like it because it's usually small farms that sell it and their cows are in way better shape and they don't put in tons of extra measures to increase production. Of course you apy more but none of the 'basics' like free range eggs, good milk, etc... is that expensive(Except cheese). Give the new milk a go and see if it works. Of course you will ahve a layer of cream at the top. If you are a good cook you can make many things with that(Or just drink it).

I don't know the iodine levels but I do know that besides that sardines are superior in every respect to tuna. Ah google just told me that they have around 35mcg in a serving(tin). Tuna has 24 or so. 150 is the daily limit and is what is in most multi vitamins. Just to compare beer has around that much per glass.

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You could add olive or flaxseed oil to a lot of those foods.

I agree with the Peanut Butter suggestion but make sure it's all-natural. the only ingredients should be "peanuts" or "peanuts, salt."

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