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any reccomendations?

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To put it simply, I have redness in my hands (which are always either too hot or too cold, and you can tell which by looking at them) and my face. I've gone off tane but I think I may have made the redness worse :(. I'm always paranoid that my face is red. I don't look in the mirror at school much, but I'm sure at times under the bright lights I look a little red.

So now I'm not saying this is a huge problem, or alot of redness. I'm not sure but my Mom told me I have bad circulation, hence the red hands and sensitive skin. Is there anyhing I can do for bad circulation? or at least something to help with this redness? I'm clueless. When I see my derm I'll discuss it with him.\, but I was wondering if this is common?

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I have red hands, and a red face now thanks to accutane giving me rosacea. I also have sensitive skin and poor circulation due to the fact my blood pressure is so incredibly low.

So I don't know if it's common, but just letting you know, I have it. For the redness on my hands, I think it's mostly caused by them being dry. So I use a good lotion, gold bond ultimate healing cream.

That stuff if awesome. And for a red face, there are things your derm can prescribe topically like finacea which should work great.

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schism, what dose accutane were you on?

my hands also get reddish, sort of like how the skin on my face gets. i hate it. i always figured it was hereditary though. but then again my sister doesnt have rosacea or red hands.

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80mg. which is high. I almost regret it. scars, redness, but no more severe type acne. Win/lose :(

My face has always been prone to flushing, also, lets say I scratch my arm or something, a redmark will stay there forever. I can't excersise without turning blood red. It's really embarrassing. My hands are either cold as ice or burning hot. I shake peoples' hands and they're like 'holy crap your hands are so cold'.

When I go to my derm March 3rd I will tell him about it. He may want to go for another Tane course (I still get mild breakouts) but I'l refuse. I'd like to go on some kind of retinoid or something. And find something for redness. Because I can't take much more of this.

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