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Need Regimen Advice

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OK - I want to start a solid topical regimen to improve my skin - I have various acne scars on my cheeks and forehead - I am having smoothbeam treatments for my shallow scars on my cheeks and temples and am hoping that a good topical regimen can help with the small scars/enlarged pores scattered across my forehead.

Here is what I was thinking:


Some sort of ALA/DMAE product without Vitamin C - preferably that moisturizes.


Retin A Micro

Copper Peptides (super CP Serum)


I use a glycolic acid cleanser that I like and seems to help keep my face pretty clear (I still break out on occassion).

Also I would do 30% glycolic acid peels once a month. Because I use a glycolic cleanser, should I use a different kind of peel? Does it even matter?

Also, can anyone recommend a product I can use in the morning and evening to moisturize. I've used emu oil before but I honestly don;t like it because it makes my face FEEL oily.

Also supplements I would take:

One antioxidant vitamin

Vit C

Hair Skin and Nail Supplement (contains MSM and Silica)


Olive Leaf Extract

I plan on starting out with the mildest version of Retin A micro (to avoid irritation) and working my way up.

Also, I won't start this treatment until after I complete my smoothbeam treatments. I've had three so far (and one needling) am a little disappointed with the results thus far.

Any comments on my regimen as well as product recommendations are greatly appreciated! =D>

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My favorites are:

Exfol and CP Serum -Skin Bio

Retin A .025%

Intense Gel -PureDeming

Don't have much experience with peels though...


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Guest Scorpioness

Hey Scotty....

Sounds like you've done a lot of research and it sounds like you have a good plan. Your regimen will probably change a bit as you find out what works best for you ... I know mine is constantly being changed and updated.

I really wanted to comment about the olive leaf extract. A few years ago I used to take it religiously. For awhile, B-5 and olive leaf extract were my holy grail of acne controlling supplements. However, I found that I started getting colds and stuff.... even a yeast infection, sorry to have to mention that... it was the only one I had ever had... and after doing some research I realized it was the olive leaf. It kills the friendly bacteria in your body in addition to the bad bacteria. Olive leaf is a good natural antibiotic.... yet I found it worked best for me doing 'one week on, two weeks off' or vise verse (judging on your own body's reaction) and then supplementing with probiotics (to build back friendly bacteria) while taking a break from the olive leaf. Eventually I quit the olive leaf altogether.... yet I still use it for sore throats and earaches and I always follow up with probiotics. Just something to keep in mind.


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