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excision good for me?

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i have a ice pick scar that i think would be good for this procedure but then i have another scar not sure what type its from shaving over a cyst its near my jawline not on it but a bit above its like a chunk of skin is gone when i stretch the skin its not as noticable but when i look a certain way its like a deep crater would exision be the way to go for this? and is this a good area of the face for it to be for healing?

also when my hair grows on my face it grows very thick and fast no hair grows in the scar tissue but it grows all around it would i not be able to shave at all for awhile after the procedure and will it make it harder for him to do since hair grows so thick and fast in that area?


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I think it would be best for you to schedule consultations with several Dermatologists and/or Plastic Surgeons in your area and find out how they would treat your scars. Without detailed photos, one can only guess.

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wow fast response lol 1 more Q how do u know if ur scar is deep enuff for this procedure?

my derm i have now suxx i asked him if he coudl do anything about my icepick and he shook his head barley even looked at it and said no and cut me off thats it lol

know a year later i have this crater like scar and thinking of going back to ask him about it but am affraid hes just going to say no again..i live in canada toronto area anyonew from around there have any suggestions on what derm to go 2?


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Without a photo, there's no way for me to tell what procedure is appropriate. I really think that an educated opinion from someone who can actually see the scar is probably the best option for you.

It definitely sounds like you need to find a new Dermatologist.

You might try to call Dermatologists/Plastic Surgeons in your area and ask if they perform "acne scar revision". If they do scar revision, then you might want to schedule an appointment for a consultation with them to get more information about your specific situation.

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is this treatment better if the area were the scar is the skin is tight our loose? its on my cheek near my jawline and my skin is very loose there which makes the scar take different shapes and depth with which way im looking our turning sad.gif

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