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Some new prescriptions.

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I have just been prescribed oral clindamycin and benzamyacin(somethin like that) cream...anyone know if these are good? Is clindamycin stronger than doxycycline? That's what I was on before. The cream has 5% BP in it and some other stuff.

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hi there

does the clindamycin gel have 1% clindamycin and 5% BP. (Made by Stieffel or some shit). Anyway if it is and you have quite a bit of acne, dont plan on that working. It may look like its working, thats what i noticed, but as soon as you wash your face its back to normal. It was really weird when i used it. I dont know why its a prescription because its just like normal BP. I also noticed that it made me break out more.

INFACT, normal BP which i purchased from wal-mart worked alot better.

But not good enough, since im on accutane now.

I dunno, maybe you have better skin then mine. If you dont see results after about 2 weeks, it's not working. Book a derm appointment, or buy normal 5% BP.

See Ya!

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The clindamycin isn't a gel...it's a pill. I take 300mg in the morning and 300mg at night. Oh, and he also prescribed a hydrocortisone cream.... .2%. I dont even know what that's for. I guess maybe spot treatment? Doesn't seem safe to put that all over my face, huh? I don't have cysts or anything...really not much active acne...something's working, but I've got so much dang medicine that I don't know what's working ](*,)

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ye thats what i was finding: too much flippn medicine.

like i dont know if im the only one thinking this, but it feels really unsafe not good to be putting or using like 200 products at one time. Thats why i like accutane.

this used to be my morning and night:

Wash face with Soap

Then Neutrogena Facial Cleanser Garbage. (This product is a scam. Its like Urine in a bottle. Dont use it)

TeaTree Oil Wash

Then BP 5%

= about 15 minutes, to do this pointless garbage, that didnt work.

NOW its:

Wash face with bar of Soap


= about 1 minute.

God bless Accutane! [-o<

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