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What to do after 6 weeks on the Acne Cure

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Hey everybody. My six weeks is up as of tomorrow, and my face looks and feels great! But I do remember reading somewhere that you're supposed to change your routine after 6 weeks of the acne cure routine. Unfortunately after searching around the message boards I can't seem to find the info. Anyone out there know the regimen AFTER six weeks? Everyone feel free to put in your insight on how it's been going after that initial 6 weeks, and if you've specialized your own post-six-weeks regimen, let us know how it's working for you. Hopefully this post will help some people (including myself!).

peace and love


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it's about 95% clear. I had a few set-backs: i think around the third week i seemed to break out with five or six new ones on the cheeks and jawline, but i heard that was normal and so i stuck it out. at the fifth week, i had a minor break out, but i'm pretty sure it was due to a shaving change. so all in all, it's been pretty good for me. i've taken accutane twice, the second time being two years ago, and it cleared me for a while, but i eventually came back around to moderate acne.

I got on proactiv, used that for a couple years, then went with the Acne Cure after feeling like i became immune to Proactiv. I still use some proactiv products within the acne cure, but i can't express how much different it feels when following the recommended steps.

one thing that hasn't gone away are the red marks, but i fear that won't change, as they've been there for years now. i think they're here to stay.

hope that answers your question!


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I did the Acne Cure for about 12 weeks. I too wish I knew what you were supposed to do for the maintenance program.

I started using mandelic acid for the red marks and stopped doing the cure but I got a few pimples so I think I'm gonna go back to doing the cure for awhile and just use mandelic in place of the glycolic.

I remember hearing you may still need to do the ice packs twice a week but I don't remember what else you need to do.

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