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Acne Problem

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Acne is a terrible thing i have in my life. Im scared to leave the house and am embaressed to talk to girls thinking there starring at it. I tryed using proactive it started to help then did shit. I get asked out during the weekends and stuff but i say im busy being ebaressed to go out. Thers nothing more in the world i would rather have the a clear face. I honestly would pay nething. Someone plz help me. plz sad.gif

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all i can say is try dans regimen and see if that works

i can also say many people are also in the same boat as you. People are affraid to go out because of their acne, i am also affraid to be seen in public with huge zits filled with puss covering my face.

some people say people dont even look at pimples when they talk to you. But i dont see how they cant miss it.

There is no cure for acne and only a treatment. acne is a good way to ruin your teenage life sad.gif

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ya im 16 and have enoguht trouble in my life to worry about.. like school and what i awnt to do.but im finding my self focusing on how bad it looks. im beging to be scared of looking in the mirror

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yeah i understand how you feel

sometimes i'd rather have lost and arm or a foot then have acne

i just hope on a cure

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oh man ive had so many probs it isnt even funny. excessive sweating of underarms/face/palms/feet/back/butt *yes butt* and it stinks and shows in all places *yes, even the butt*

im schooling 21hrs as a starting freshman and starting 22hrs next semester to graduate early and save money which i work 36hrs a week and all day sundays with my dad cutting wood. i get so depressed soemtimes but i know it will all get better.

i just got a ticket for excessive noise for 86 bucks, and then my amp blew taking one of my 3 subs with it, then my transmission is shot, i also have to pay a speedign ticket for 178 bucks while i was headed to see a friend 3hrs away, and i wouldnt have got the ticket if i had my new insurance card *which drugaddict mom forgot to give me* in which i also got a ticket for. another 120~ bucks *no insurance even though i HAD it* and at work they targetted me as stealign money from the register.

ugh ... ohh .... and the whole pimple thign doesnt even seem that big to me anymore :-

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spots are such a bitch! they totally dent ur ability to chat girls up coz ur foreva wonderin what other poeple r thinkin of ur spots ](*,)

wot did i do to deserve um!

having said that (without being bigheaded)i see it as everyone has to have sum prob. im clever and good at sport etc so i suppose the thing i get given to me by fae is spots, how kind (i hope this makes sum sense lol)

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