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My current Regimen What to Change?

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Wash Hair

Just let water hit face no products.

Get out

60 seconds of warm water





Mid Day 3 P.M

Wash Face with Wash cloth

Go lift then get back

Take shower

60 seconds of warm water





And Repeat

My skin has been clearing up alot more as i have not used any other products except proactiv and water

i use to wash my face constanetly using many products

My ? is wat should i do before i lift and after?

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hate to say it but i really think liftin causes acne, do some research on it

nah lifting weights is good for your acne cuz it relieves stress. I think that you are washing your face too much. twice a day is the max!!!

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You need to wash after sweating. I think dried up salts from sweat can help along with dead skin to clog your pores and combine sebum with bacteria to make your comedones into pimples. So I rekon working out can worsen acne, but if you wash properly afterwards then it should be ok.

Before tane I used to get more pimples after sweating, but if I washed my face with my trusty clean and clear 2% salcyclic acid wash there was no worsening. In fact like fugi123 says it can make you feel better by releasing stress.

I think you are already washing after lifting, so it seems like you are doing everything right to me.

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why do i still get some pimples even know i wash my face daily? Is it because i wash my face too much? Can washing your face too much make pimples pop up?

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Anything that irritates your face can worsen acne. If you notice swimmers because they are in the pool alot with chlorine they have a lot of acne. Touching your face can worsen acne.

Washing nicely at least twice a day with a proven acne face wash shouldn't do you any harm.

Remember there is no acne cure, just acne management and regimens. At the best you can expect to get your acne to a manageable situation, but you'll never get rid of it, unless you grow out of it and there are heaps here who've had acne for 20 years or more.

So if there is no cure what does the stuff you put on your face do?

Some products such as BHA's, RetinA, tazorac and retinoids are comedolytic (they resolve and prevent comedones/clogged pores)

A comedone is a clogged pore (from sebum [oil], dead skin cells). A product/ingredient is comedolytic if it unclogs comedones and helps prevent their future formation. Comedolytic agents often increase cell turnover and increase desquamation (shedding of outermost skin cells, ie: corneocytes).

The theory is that by unclogging the pore the comedone is then diminished and or comes out. So physical removal is may still be a requirement with comedolytic agents. These treatments don't entirely prevent comedones from forming and don't entirely dissolve them either, but they do help.

A product/ingredient is keratolytic if it encourages the shedding of corneocytes (dry outer skin cells) from the stratum corneum or outermost ‘horny layer’ of skin by dissolving the intracellular cement of lipids, ceramides, etc; and otherwise softening the horny layer. AHA's and the comedolytic agents are keratolytic.

The theory is that by shedding away the outer layers of skin the comedones will be exposed and can then come out.

Antibacterial treatments get rid of the p acnes bacteria that causes inflammatory acne or pimples (but this bacteria does not cause the comedones to form in the first place) BP is benzoyl peroxide, an antibacterial treatment which is particularly effective against Propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes, a form of bacteria found in comedones and oil glands which can contribute to inflammatory acne.

There are anti inflammatories that can reduce the already inflammatory acne on your face. Some say ice is a good one.

There is microdermabrasion that removes the outer layer of skin and sucks the comedones out at the same time.

So if you use BP you'll still get comedones, if you use one of the keratolytic products you have to wait a long time to see results and if you use a comedolytic agent you still have to wait.

No product can completely get rid of acne.

Combination treatments such as proactive work by using more than one product to get rid of acne. i.e. i think proactive uses bp for the p acne bacteria and salicyclic acid (a BHA) for a comedolytic effect.

The effect of these products will be reduced if you touch your face because you put bacteria and dead skin cells from your hands onto your face. The effect of these products will be reduced if you leave sweat to dry on your face. The effect of these products will be reduced if you don't wash properly, because the acid in the products dissolves the comedone or the outer skin cells and if these are left on your face they will keep the pores clogged. That is why proactive uses a wash.

However there are many products on the market which are stronger than proactive and produce the same results. If proactive doesn't work for you then you can add other products to increase the effect.

The cosmetics industry and chemists are largely unregulated in this area so you've got to check ingredients. They can virtually state anything on the label of a product. They can say anything such as comdolytic effect, anti-acne, non-cogdemo.. etc and no one can stop them.

for BHA's - salcyclic acid you need at least 2%

for AHA's - glycolic acid 10%

for BP - 2.5-10%

for retinoids - tretinoin/retinoic acid 0.025-0.1% (note that retinol is not the same as retinoic acid)

It seems a lot of people pick and choose and find a regimen and products to suit them.

I did a combination treatment and reduced my acne from being a pizza face to a sesame seed bun face. I used that for about 2 years and went on roaccutane after that.

So remember nothing will get rid of your acne. You can only do good face care and reduce those comedones and inflammatory acnes to a manageable level.

If you now realise what is going on then none of these treatments do anything for acne that is not at the surface of the skin.

Hormonal treatments try to get at acne from a hormonal level. They don't work on me, because apart from the pill making me fat, i saw no change in my face at all. The effect can be temporary as your body gets used to the hormone. But they do help some. (steroids do worsen acne is you want to know)

Roaccutane works by reducing the sebum production and has antiinflammatory, comedolytic and keratolytic effects.

Some say you can go on a diet and reduce your acne, but there is no proven acne diet. Tests show that diet has little other than a temporary effect on acne.

You should read some of the information here and read some books. Then you may find out why your acne isn't going away. But you won't find a cure anywhere. Sorry.

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