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Aftercare For Needling

What is the best aftercare for needling?  

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  1. 1. What is the best aftercare for needling?

    • A & D Ointment
    • Neosporin
    • Bacitracin Ointment
    • Retin-A & Copper Peptide Serum
    • Other (Please post if not listed)

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I have scheduled an appointment for needling in late December. I have been reading the Needling thread (so far, about 41 of the pages) and I would like your opinions on the best aftercare for healing. If you have something to add that isn't a Poll option, please feel free to post here what that is.

Thanks! biggrin.gif

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Hi Tamara: I'm responding because my answer is mixed. Right after needling, you oughta probably apply the Neosporin (spot treat the areas needled). After it scabs over or heals to where it's not bloody and dark red, you can then start applying the copper peptides. I wouldn't apply Retin A until after the scab falls off (or if you don't scab, until your skin is healed pretty well), and then applying the copper peptides with Retin A imho will help fill in the needled place nicely.

Hope that helps. According to Dr. Pickert, you should not apply copper peptides to raw, open skin. (I've done this myself with no problem, but to be safe, you probably should do what Dr. Pickert says).

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I totally agree with Denise - but instead of neosporin, A&D ointment would be OK too.

Good luck Tamara!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif/

Can we expect an exciting photo journal, similar to the one you did for subcision and NLite? By they way, did your subcision and NLite results hold?

Oh... and that amino-plex spray (thread started by Stefany) looks very good too.

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Thank you Denise & Maya for your suggestions. I was hoping that both of you might have some good advice about this topic. smile.gif

Thanks for the good luck! Woo!

Hmmm.... I may do another photo journal, but it was a lot of work. It's difficult for me to say if the results have held or not. Whereas I thought I had about 50% improvement before, I'm probably down to about 25%.

I'll have to check out that Amino-Plex Spray.

Thanks again for the support! biggrin.gif

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Good luck Tamara!!! I'll think of you on Friday and send you some good luck thoughts. Are you getting the whole face done?

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Godspeed Tamara! biggrin.gif

Happy healing and remember that you don't see the good results until a 8 weeks or so after the needling!

Please keep everyone up to date.

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Thanks Maya! Yes - I am getting all of my scars done.

Thanks Denise! Thanks for reminding me about how long it takes to see results. I will most definitely keep you updated. smile.gif

You guys are the best.

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