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My book is on Amazon.com and bn.com already!

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It looks like you can pre-order it if you want. Evidently it will be available on March 2. It would be cool if we got a bunch of people to order it so the publisher would know this has a chance of being popular. If they are convinced of that, they may do more to market the book and the regimen to people.

You don't need this book if you are familiar with acne.org, as it is much of the same information. But it's only $9.56 on Amazon and $10.75 on bn.com, so if you want a hard copy of the regimen, it might be worth it. There are before and after pics in there of some of the people I coached through the regimen, and a bunch more info on my personal experience with acne. There are also workbook pages to track your progress.

Thanks for your support!


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Guest fatman_uk

Hehe, a book with ur name on it... your parents would be proud... biggrin.gif

user posted image

BTW - I just ordered a copy too. Think of it as a thank you donation. wink.gif


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Thanks Jen!

Forgot to mention, I am getting them to change the top from "cure" for acne to "remedy" or something else. There is no cure for acne, so I told the book developer I wanted them to change that.

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well done dan, how much different is proactiv to your regimen? its the same thing right....im using proactiv at the moment day 5 and i have got these tiny spots on a part of my face where i never got spots before....they have dried up though and are like flaky and im more red, this is to be expected?

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