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New, Pics help me out.

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I know your probably tired of hearing this, but you seriously are hot, with or without acne.

Good luck with Accutane! I went on it and it worked for some time.

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Did you change your brand of shaving cream or razor when you started breaking out? It looks like it's all in the shaving area which makes me think you might be allergic to your shaving cream or after shave if you use that. See if you can find something natural or organic for your face instead of OTC shaving cream. Just a thought.

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Um Well thank you.


I just wish this acne was gone.

it will be soon.

Would it help to take one of these kits while on Accutane?

no, and it will probably just irritate your skin anyway. the accutane will do the job on it's own. although you may want to take an oral antibiotic for the first month to prevent an acne flare.

Hi, my acne is similar to yours man. I'm also 18 and a freshman in college and party and i unfortunately i'm about as self-concious about my face as possible. Have you tried accutane yet? For people that have, how long does it usually take to start showing improvement?

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yo bro, your skin looks way better good job. Anyways for your 3rd pic, i see your pulling out that LS motor, haha hopefully your doing LS VTEC or something big. Get some one piece headlights too =)

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Acne or no acne, you're cute! loool

Anyways, I think you have a bit more serious acne to be using proactive and murad.

You could try taking zinc supplements (60mg) for about 2 weeks-4 weeks. I'm on zinc now and it's working EXTREMELY well.

I also use pure honey as a mask everyday for about 30 minutes. It kills bacteria on the skin. So you could try that if you want to.... ;)

Retin A works pretty good. If you can find a dermatologist, then I would suggest talking to them about Retin A MICRO. It works great! ^_^. It takes about 3 months to have clear skin. But it is SO worth the wait.

If retin A micro doesn't work for you, (which I think it will), then you can try buying MARGARITE zinc cream. =) you can buy it at AMAZON.COM.

ah crap. I gotta go. lool! I'm not allowed to be on the computer. =D

well..... e-mail me if you have any more questions. bye dude!

I REALLY hope accutane works out for you. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Murad does not work. I sent mine back during my 60 day trial...My derm told me it had nothing in it :(

Hey whats going on.

Well let me start off with history etc..

Im currently 18 years old and a Senior at my local High school.

I live in Tennessee.

I have only had acne for a year now,

Well about this time one year ago I began getting acne, It got pretty bad.

I tried stuff but it didnt really work,

Well I noticed everytime I would go to the beach, and get lots of saltwater on

my face my acne would clear up very fast, within a week it would be half gone.

Well over time it got worse, I got proactive but I used it off an on.

Which I think made it worse. so now its pretty bad.

Here is a picture of me. Well two.

Sry about that! Thats what I think about acne. :lol:


Sry about the hair! lol


So thats what my acne is, I dont know how bad it is. I know its really bad.

But hasnt kept me from hangin out, Unlike the people on tv.

I have tons of friends, hang out, Party etc... And I dont get made fun of by anyone.

I am 6'5" tho that might help not bein teased. lol

Well I just started proactive again, and this time becuase im going to be graduatin

here in a few months im realy usin it.

morning and night I use the 3 step.

But My mom bought this other kit, MURAD.

ANd she wants me to use this stuff rather than proactive,

I was watchin Murad on TV and notice it has alot of soothing and lotions etc.... to calm the skin/.

Basically I dont know what to do, Id love to be doing both but im sure that would do more harm than good.

My mom says she'll let me have the surgery and stuff for the scars, but wants to try and clear it up before hand.

I miss having clear skin. :sad:


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MANNNN you did it mann!!! you are beating it!!!!. those pictures before and after are insane. Man just wait till about 6 or 7 months you will be gettin all the ladies gain haha i see all the girls keep saying your cute on here haha!!! keep fightin acne one day you will wake up and life will just be normal again

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Good stack man. You're kicking some major cystic ass. You 2 months looks like most peoples 6 months. Congrats man I'm still holding out for your results.

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I'm starting Accutane in 1 month and my derm prescribed Bactrim DS as an antibiotic to help with the initial flare of accutane. I was using ProActive for 5 years and it worked great until i developed cystic acne, which is what you have, and after you reach that point, it hardly matters what you put on the outside of your face. good luck at the derm!

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My acne problem started to get really really bad...then i changed my diet, sleep, exercise and made my life less stressfull...

GUESS WHAT, it's gone.

Derms are there to make money, acne is a skin disease, but self curable.

Whatever. I changed all of that too but guess what I still have acne. You probably had some zits and they went away. I have cystic acne and im here to tell you sleeping and eating right did nothing. My life is not stressful so I would have to DISAGREE with you.

oh and sorry.

I'm on my third coarse of accutane. You will get very dry lips and a relly dry face. You have it almost as bad as me bro.

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holy shit, accutane gave you a miracle... my acne is almost as bad as yours used to be, im thinkin about going on it now

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My acne problem started to get really really bad...then i changed my diet, sleep, exercise and made my life less stressfull...

GUESS WHAT, it's gone.

Derms are there to make money, acne is a skin disease, but self curable.

Whatever. I changed all of that too but guess what I still have acne. You probably had some zits and they went away. I have cystic acne and im here to tell you sleeping and eating right did nothing. My life is not stressful so I would have to DISAGREE with you.

I agree with the guy who said that acne can be caused by certain foods that the person might be allergic to. The stress thing is bs though, stress won't cause acne, acne can cause stress however....

I developed cystic acne about half a year ago. I took an allergic test few months later and I discovered I was allergic to casein. Casein is in a lot of products, but mainly in dairy. I've eliminated all foods that have it and I'm MUCH clearer, so much that all the active acne is gone and all I got left are redmarks and temporary scars from fading cysts. My skin looks great and in a few weeks I'm going to get myself a chemical peel to get rid of some of my open pores on my nose (they can be seen when I'm very close to the mirror, nothing bad, but I want my skin to be perfect) and the redmarks.

Have you taken an allergy test? If not, then how can you say that diet didn't help. The thing that causes you to break out might be in so many foods. I personally prefer not to take in hard chemicals and FIX it the right way. But whatever floats your boat.

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Cystic acne runs in my family - it is genetic. Mine began in my mid 20's. I read about a treatment that a woman from India wrote to Ann Landers about that has been a godsend to me. Cystic acne is deep in the skin and must be brought to the surface to fight effectively. The treatment takes about 20 minutes but is worth the time and effort.

1. Wash face with anit-bacterial soap - dry

2. Separate the yolk of an egg - put the egg yolk on as a mask and let dry (about 10 minutes and you will feel the "drawing" action)

3. Wash off (easiest done in the shower)

* You will probably see improvement within a couple of days but should continue for at least 2 weeks. After acne has cleared up, you should continue to use the mask twice a week to keep skin clear.

I have added an additional step to my daily routine. After washing my face, I use baking soda as a mild exfoliant, rinsing well. It helps to unclog pores. I then use alcohol to kill the bacteria deep within the pores. Make sure to use a moisturizer to avoid over drying the skin.

You mentioned that salt water helped clear your skin - the baking soda will have the same effect.

Eggs are loaded with vitamin A which is used to fight acne and skin health. Dermatologists know of this treatment but promoting it would dramatically cut into their revenue stream.

I hope you will try it and let me know if it works for you as well as it did for me.

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Hey manggg try Accutane and within a few months you'll see a great improvement. These as seen on TV drugs will not work. Good luck!

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you inspired me to get on accutane. its my time. im so happy for you man, hopefully thisll do it for me too

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Hey guys, and gals.

I know its been well, a year and a half but I was cleaning out my Favorites and found

this thread in there!

I have been off Accutane for awhile, after my treatment I still had a small amount of

acne but I wont lie, I didn't take it like I was suppose to. I forgot allot after those two months.

But, Even with that I still saw an amazing improvement and I am so very happy

And I couldn't be more happy.

I still get the pimple or two every now and then, but thats normal.

I also noticed when I started my job I have now, I MUST shave every single morning.

Well, I noticed when I didnt shave every morning I would get pimples.. So maybe thats

something the guys could look into. I'm talking after one day of not shaving id get a few pimples.

But even then if I dont shave, I still dont get more. Its just the normal one here and there.

About the girls, lol I met a girl while on Accutane that lil did I know would change the rest of my life.

Long story short, We recently Had our One year anniversary and were talking for 5 months before

I asked her to be my girl. lol I was rly shy. And, well were getting married (in a couple years) and everything.

I just turned 20 so yea I'm LOVING LIFE!

lol I know it didnt seem like it but I was a very very shy guy back then. haha

Anyway here are a few pics, As you can see my face is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an OLD one of me while on accutane.


AFTER FINISHING ACCUTANE, Sorry about being in gear, lol I was in FireFighter School!!!!!

btw this was sept of 07

as you can see, no acne!


And a few more of me because I had too much fun!!!



lol if you cant tell who i am, im in front with the nozel, I'm the tallest one. haha


About a year ago (and the girl Im still with and will always be with)


Thanks giving last year


Around new years, so 10 months ago...


Spring this year...


And this month, me and my girl on our one year anniversary...


I have one more from the same day as above... problem is it's of us kissing..

But it Shows the Acne scares I have... And it shows them well because of the sun.

So I'm going to put this up, But Please if someone has a problem with it, Let me know

and I'll take it down. Again this is for showing the ACNE SCARES LEFT OVER.

But, even then if you look, its not that bad. Some bumps and stuff but A miracle from before!


Sorry for so many pictures but I figure pics are worth a thousand words...

As you can see Accutane worked for me. It worked like a Miracle and I suggest it to everyone!

I had a HUGE problem of dry lips... but I didnt drink water like I should have... so that was stupid

of me. But like I said it works and I thank everything to it. (It made me feel better, but when I met this girl I'm with, I was in the middle of accutane so It makes me happy to know the acne didnt bother her) And yeah, back then I got teased and stuff, mostly from friends. It hurt but like I said,

Dont let it get to you. Live LIFE! have fun and dont stay in because of your acne.

Its not worth it.

Life is too short to worry about something like acne. Itll take care of things but dont let it

change the way you live. Not even for a second. If anyone ever teases you, Just know once

you get rid of the acne, You'll look even better and those people teasing you are going to wish

they were you because now you got it all!

So go out there and live life!!!!!!!

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