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Makeup help for a guy...

Hey there... I have had acne since I was in junior high...Im 28 now... it started out slow, and got worse a bit after highschool... It has calmed down some now, but I do still get bad breakouts every few weeks sometimes... I have just started using more BP and hope that works.

About 3 years ago I started wearing makeup, I use dermablend, as that was what was reccomended to me by my dermatologist at the time. It helped alot as at that time I wouldnt leave the house at all because of my acne, I was always depressed and didnt want to face the world.

Now my acne is alot better then it was...I do get some big ones sometimes, but mostly all the products I've used and the acne has left my face kinda uneven...as in bad skin tone I guess I want to say...its blotchy and there's some scars that just never went away and ofcourse some new red marks from any current outbreaks...

My question is...man was I long winded or what getting to it, LOL... is there maybe a better makeup I could use, that may not look as makeupy..yeah ok I know thats not a word. I really just need something light to cover up some old marks and even things out..as I never think my face matches the rest of my skin tone... I'd need something that could also cover the new breakouts and the bad red marks from those.

Usually I dont mind how I look when I look in the mirror in the morning after I put the dermablend on, but I know as soon as Im in natural lighting, you can tell Im wearing something, especially with how harsh the winter sun can be...

So any suggestions for a guy to find a better makeup that looks a bit more natural to wear all over the face??

Thanks all


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You might want to look at Colortration. It is a camo makeup that is available online at www.colortration.com . It is very thick, but you can mix it with a tad of moisturizer and it will glide on your skin like a tint. It can be used full strength to even out any problem areas you might have. If you have any questions you can call the number on the site, they were very helpful when I rang them. It has good staying power and does not need to be set with powder like dermablend or covermark.

You could also look at some of the theatre quality concealers. Ben Nye makes some really nice ones and they also make a white setting powders that disappears and does not change the color of the concealer/makeup, but gives it very good staying power. Ben Nye products are carried in some costume shops and is also available online (just do a search for Ben Nye cosmetics). I use the Mellow Yellow concealer under the colortration foundation and have had good results with no breakouts.

I know it is mainly a site for women, but you can check out cosmetic reviews on tons of products at www.makeupalley.com . Once you get to the site you need to go to Productville, I am not sure but you might need to register first (it's free of course.) These are reviews by regular people, so you get an honest opinion about how well a product lasts and looks.

I hope this helps and good luck!!

*Misty biggrin.gif/

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Hi Kal-El. If it's any consolation, most of us girls have the same problem, me included. I have a sample pack of Dermablend but gave up on it when none of the colours matched my skin tone.

Normally the rule is to choose something that has yellow undertones but since you haven't told us anything about your skin tone, we can only guess. Sometimes it is immediately apparent that someone has foundation on when their face looks pinkish in comparison to their neck.

Also, are you looking for something online or from the shops?

[Lol, animegirle. I seem to have been typing when you posted your message - check out my next paragraph:]

A great site for reviews on foundation is makeupalley.com. You'll find nearly every brand reviewed there (you may have to register first but its free).


I haven't quite mastered the art of choosing and wearing foundation myself so while you're waiting for someone more knowledgeable to come along, check out these old topics if you haven't already




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Thanks for the help so far girls...I have been checking out colortration so far and it looks like it might be better...if you can believe the hype ofcourse..

My skin tone is probably best described as medium...Im not a pale person, and I do go tanning sometimes...right now I am using dermablen, chroma 2 1/2 I think it is...and it sometimes looks to light and sometimes to dark...I know weird...but it could just be depending on what color clothes I wear too..

I dont mind going into a store to purchase, Id rather do that since I can check things out better then ordering online...

Thanks again girls!

Charlie smile.gif

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Hi Charlie,

If you do decide to use colortration make sure you order their trial kit. I am very pale so I went with the lightest shade and it works for me, but I know it will be more difficult with darker skin tones. You also might want to ring them and explain what kind of coverage you are looking for, they could advise on the range of shades to send you in a trial pack.

There is a lot of information on the www.birthmarks.com website regarding concealing products. There is a link to the left which you can click on for the reviews/product info (makeup and skincare link.) I know a lot of men use these products to conceal birthmarks, so you might find some useful info there!


Misty biggrin.gif/

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Thanks to animegirlie and Elly... smile.gif I just got the coverblend stuff today... i went right up to a girl and said.. " a bit embarresing but I need some makeup help, for myself.." She was totally helpfull, didnt laugh or anything....and before I even told her I wanted to look at the coverblend, she said " Hey how about coverblend!" Very nice girl!

I just put it on and I think it definately covers my scars better, though it does look a bit lighter then what I looked when I had the dermablend...

But I always thought the dermablend looked to dark anyway, and now I think I will just have to get used to it.... that was the whole problem I think anyway, it didnt look natural with the dermablend cause it was a bit to dark.... I got the natural beige color I think it was and a beige powder to go over it... so we will see what I think after a few days... looking in the natural lighting... which I hate!! lol... i think it looks more natural...

My think is I always wished I had darker skin cause it would not show the zits as easily...but now I guess I just have to get used to my own natural skin color!!

thanks again ladies for your suggestions...here's hoping this stuff works better in the long run!! smile.gif


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Make sure you go to the makeup counter, and have them apply the makeup before you buy anything. It's very, very difficult to find makeup that looks natural, and stays that way all day. Oliyness/dryness of skin, makeup texture, pore size as well as color all effect how the makeup will look. Even if it looks good at first doesn't mean it won't look horribly unnatural a few hours down the road. The only way to really tell if a certain makeup will work it to actually try it out, and wear it for a coupl hours in different lighting situations. Otherwise, you may wind up wasting money on cosmetic after cosmetic only to have it not look good.

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