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Has anyone REALLY gotten smaller pores from B5?

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I've been on B5 for about a month and the oil reduction has been great yet my pores seem to get bigger.. maybe it's the Eucerin Renewal moisturizer I'm using that has AHA? I don't get it.. what really can help big pores get smaller and less dark? my pores seem to be big and dark..

help please...

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Whilst mine didn't get any smaller they most definitely looked cleaner and the blackheads on my nose disappeared. Unfortunately they're back now as I'm ditching the B5 regimen.

I'm not sure what what would reduce pores in size. I think the first step would be to unblock them and then they would close over time...if you're lucky. Salicyclic acid works for some to clean out the pores but causes irritation for others.

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Two reasons:

1. It starts getting very expensive.

2. Concerns about the unknown long term effects of overdosing on B5.

I've still got a whole jar to get through and I'm only going to take a maintenance dose mostly to help with oil production (I was a greaseball before b5). I can't say how much it has helped me as I'm also using BP and just started with SA which seems to be working very well now. Slight hiccup at the beginning as with all regimens.

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Does B5 work to reduce oil only if you're taking it as a supplement? Or does it work if you use, for example, a moisturiser with B5 in it.

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