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alright....not using any products?

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Well yeah..the last couple days i havent put anything on my face...and I've just washed with this Lever Pure Rain soap ( feels really nice on my face )...I havent broken out yet..and my face feel alot better

..I was using Tazorac and I was just about to move up to .1% from .5%cuz i still had some breakouts but not as bad as I used to.....but i havent started it yet

Now Im beginning to think that if i dont put anything on my face...it'll look better...It feels better right now...watchya guys think? Try it? I guess it couldn't hurt. Maybe Tazorac irritated and provoked breakouts more than it helped?

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actually this method tricks you at first. when you stop using all products your skin will start to work naturally and your skin will become more moisturized and better looking. your sebum secretion will return to normal and everything look great for about 1 month. then, all that crap that started to form deep in your pores when you stopped using products comes to the surface and it sucks. the reason is it takes a little while for your pores to start clogging up again.

at least this was my experience when i did this method.

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Yeah, I agree when I don't use too much product my skin looks best. Usually in the morning. I only use warm water to clean my face. Then at night before I go to bed I use a face wash. So my skin looks good to me throughout the day with just sunblock.

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well i've been applying taz all over my face up until now...and i just went like 5 days with just using a Salicic Acid moisturizer in the night and day and I haven't broken out bad. I think when I see signs of breakouts coming..as tonight I saw a blackhead or two..I put some neutrogena on the spot BP on it...so I'm gonna see if using products as rarely as possible worsks. If not, I can go to the Tazorac .1% that I have not yet touched yet...

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