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tretinoin gel , sulfur 10% soap , doxycycline

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basically... i wake up

wash with sulfur soap put on tretinoin gel .025%

take doxycycline like at 3pm and then before sleeping sulfur soap and tretinoin gel .025% i am seeing no results.. this was reccomended by my derm

what do you thinhk avbout this?

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Doxycycline took about 3 months to work for me, which is quite unusual. I was just about to quit it when it kicked in then worked great for a while about another 3-4 months then i became resistant.......

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I am questioning your derms decision for the sulfur cleanser. Sulfur, according to alot of folks, is a potent skin irritant and promotes the growth of bacteria. This is according to the Journal of Microbiology. I would stop it since you DO NOT want the growth of bacteria when treating acne. That is counterproductive. I will say..I have NEVER had any results from sulfur. I also use retina micro, however, I have found that alternating it at night with Benzoyl Peroxide and BP every morning works VERY well. Also, find a gentle cleanser...like cetaphil or Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser, which is what I use. The sulfur may be inhibiting your progress.

For what it's worth, doctors aren't always right!! Question them.


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hmm i have to go back next week i will talk to him... i have like neutrugena oil free cleanser with those little micro beads would that be ok?

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